Anyone soloing DnD?

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Could you share some experience about how to do it pls?
I had another idea for something that would actually lend itself... Precreate a bunch of cards, one to be locations/rooms/caves, etc. One set would be monsters and such, another set could be treasure, etc. The game progresses through the drawing of cards to creat random encounters, effects, challenges, etc.

You can play some of the D&D board games solo.  There are solo scenarios in Wrath of Ashardalon and Castles Ravenloft.


It's certainly doable, but it will be a very different style of game to what you'd play with a DM.  I like Bohrdumb's idea, and it would potentially give you the best playing experience, but it would require a fair amount of setup.

Just putting together a party and playing through a module by yourself is another option if you want to keep prep to a minimum.  4e lends itself reasonably well to a style of play that is essentially a series of encounters strung together by a fairly linear plot.  If you're going to do this I'd suggest running with a smaller party than the adventure is designed for, as a big part of the enjoyment will be defeating difficult encounters and you're a lot more effective when there is a single person coordinating all of the PCs. 
Toward the back end of the 4E DMG, there is a section on playing D&D without a DM that you might want to check out. It's essentially about how to put together an appropriate encounter deck and map deck to create random dungeon encounters. It would probably run better with at least two people than just yourself, but it'd be a start.

This. Also there's been 3 Solo adventures published for 4th Edition if you are interested in looking them up. I tested those and they were remind me of french solo books called ''Livre Don't Vous Etes Le Hero'' ( or in english ''Book Where You're The Hero'' ?)

Dark Awakening

Dungeon of the Ghost Tower

Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game Starter Set 
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