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Early today I played Simic with a splash of Red in the Gatecrash Prerelease. Personally, I think it worked very nicely for sealed, at least with right hands. I was interested in Simic already, so I thought I’d see what I could come up with for standard. Unfortunately, the deck filled up in a flash. Just going over the main cards I wanted to play, I already got 50 cards without even adding lands >.<
So I am looking for some advice with the theme. More so, what is Standard worthy and what isn't. As cool as Evolve is, I know I shouldn't focus too much on it. I wanted to splash red for bloodrush, but with how things are I think pure Simic may be the better choice. Here is where it stopped.

Creatures: 34
4 Experiment One
4 Wasteland Viper
4 Zameck Guildmage
4 Elusive Krasis
4 Fathom Mage
4 Ghor-Clan Rampager
4 Ivy Lane Denizen
4 Master Biomancer
2 Prime Speaker Zegana
Enchantments: 4
4 Forced Adaptation
Instants: 8
4 Burst of Strength
4 Simic Charm
Sorceries: 4
4 Hands of Binding
Lands: 0

Ghor-Clan Rampager is my first choice of a card to cut, along with Red in general. As awesome as it was in the prerelease, I think I need to cut Ivy Lane Denizen as well; Master Biomancer is just way better and apparently I don't have room for both. I really do like Fathom Mage, but I think it may needed to be scaled back at least to 3. I love the Krasis; unblockable is just so nice with evolve, so I really don't want to cut that one. The Guildmage seems like it is actually useful; infact it may be more useful than Fathom Mage. Forced Adaptation just seems like it will be good. In the prerelease, whatever I put it on died quick, but it also won me several games. I can see it being useful in standard to pump up 1 drops or to make Biomancer a lot stronger. Burst of Strength is one I wouldn't mind cutting. Hands of Binding is more of a combo with the unblockable and I personally find it to be an awesome card; but I would be willing to cut it as well.

So what would you suggest that I cut and add to make it more standard worthy?
I think you need bioshift
Ghor-Clan is amazing. If you want to splash red to simic, you probably want some burn, Pillar of flame or Searing spear
I honestly think fathom mage is too expensive to play, especially with no ramp such as Arbor elf or Gyre Sage

You should also consider Increasing savagry 
I honestly don't like either forced adeptation or burst of strengh, and the ivy lane denizen is kinda meh 

Thanks for the reply. I already checked all the Green, Blue, Red, and Colorless cards for GTC. Now I am working on the rest of standard. I have be coming to some of the same conclusions. Fathom Mage, as cool as it is, is rather useless compared to Zameck Guildmage. The guildmage seems rather amazing, which is odd since most of others seems to suck (at least for decks I've used like Selesnya). Mainly because it combos great with undying. The creature comes back, I remove counter to draw 1, and now creature will revive again since it doesn’t have a counter. Unleash and Scavenge are also abilities I have my eye on, but I doubt many if any will make the deck.
I will probably skip using Red. It has some nice cards, mainly Burn, Unleash, and Bloodrush, but I feel that there are plenty of Green and Blue cards in standard that will work just as well; so might as well do myself a favor and not need another set of duel lands XD I can still use some red cards like Rubblebelt Raiders or Pit Fight if I really wanted too.
Also, I did already get to Increasing Savagery; it seems pretty good but I may rather focus on other cards. I do want a +1/+1 counter theme, which (unlike populate) does seem rather viable. I agree that Forced Adaption isn't that good outside of Sealed; it just takes too long and Rancor would be a much better choice. Burst of Strength is still one I am considering. Ivy is another one I haven't quite ruled out, but it probably won't make deck. It really depends on how much green is in it.

I am currently thinking on some kind of aggro (too bad I already got a Selesnya aggro going, I dislike repeating deck types). It will defiantly be focused on +1/+1 counters and manipulating them with a lot of forceful creatures. I may decided to include Red, but I'd rather playtest a pure simic version first. I'll try to get a first draft of deck list within the day so I can get more feedback.