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When I have spun this idea during fnms I get looks that make me feel stupid. But after winning 2 fnms in a row with it I wanted to share it with you and see what you guys thought. Obviously the gatecrash cards were not used in the past few fnms but their are only two and neither changes the deck much. Let me know what you guys think!!

Creatures : 20
[C]avacyn's pilgrim[/C] x4
[C]Invisible Stalker[/C] x4
[C]Knight of Glory[/C] x4
[C]Silverblade Paladin[/C] x4
[C]Sublime Archangel[/C] x4

Spells : 18
[C]Faith's Shield[/C] x4
[C]Mizzium Skin[/C] x2
[C]Farseek[/C] x4
[C]Selesnya Charm[/C] x4
[C]Simic Charm[/C] x4

Lands : 22
[C]Breeding Pool[/C] x4
[C]Cathedral of War[/C] x2
[C]Glacial Fortress[/C] x4
[C]Hallowed Fountain[/C] x4
[C]Sunpetal Grove[/C] x4
[C]Temple Garden[/C] x4

The goal is to drop silverblade turn two and sublime turn three. obviously it doesnt always happen which is why farseek, stalker and knight are in there. the spells are all for protection besides the obvious in farseek and selesnya charm. I havn't lost a match with the deck yet. I sideboard in [C]dissipate[/C] and [C]Negate[/C] for Selesnya charm and farseek when playing hardcore control decks. No roblems yet! What do you guys think??
Personally, I think that is awesome. I heard of WB and WG Exalted in standard, but this is first Bant I've seen! I wish I could afford to build it! Bant Exalted was my first deck back when I started in Zendikar and I have loved it ever since. Problem was it always seemed to fail in any format I tried it in. Although that was back with Finest Hour and Rafiq. Sublime really improves the whole concept. TBH, I think Silverblade may even do a better job than Rafiq. And that new Simic Charm is amazing for the deck IMO. Mainly for the Hexproof, but the Giant Growth and Unsummon are great options too.
The only thing that I can see that may be improved with tweaking is the Selesnya Charm. It just seems like it may not be useful enough. It may be better to drop it for Arbor Elf or such. More mana and another boost with Sublime.
I would keep the Selesnya Charm. You need something to push the damage through. Else you get blocked by 1/1 Spirit tokens all day long. Could you find place in your deck for Rancor though? I mean, it's almost a crime not to run it in here, I think.
I feel as though rancor would go well instead of the Selesnya charm. That way I have the trample and still get the +2 +2. Sure I lose the option of the 2/2 knight but that didn't do much besides trigger with Sublime. I like that Idea Harmy. I'll roll with Rancor for sure!!
This doesn't seem very effective to me. You don't have many exalted triggers if Sublime Archangel doesn't come out, and you don't have many creatures if she does come out. Without creatures, Faith's Shield and Mizzium Skin are going to be dead in your hand. You need enchantments to beef up Invisible Stalker, but then you're still vulnerable since he is your only hexproof creature.

If you compare this to a Bant Aura deck, there you have at least two creatures with hexproof, Invisible Stalker and Geist of Saint Traft.
I'm very surprised you don't run Geist of Saint Traft, as he is a beast in this deck. Getting him down T2 followed by a Sublime Archangel is almost game over if they don't have a sweeper.
I'm very surprised you don't run Geist of Saint Traft, as he is a beast in this deck. Getting him down T2 followed by a Sublime Archangel is almost game over if they don't have a sweeper.

And then the question is this any better than a Bant Aura deck, which has exactly the same creatures, except Knight of Glory and Sublime Archangel, but uses enchantments to pump up the creatures instead of exalted triggers.

I honestly think Bant Auras is the way to go, as the enchantments and hexproof make your creatures much harder to deal with. Its the same colors and creatures, so it wouldnt be a very drastic or expensive change. I also dont understand Farseek in a deck like this, it only slows you down with this kind of deck. I'd rather see more creatures and/or Ajani.
Obviously the downside to the deck would be not being able to draw Sublime. I can see that taking out Farseek would be a good option. I did do that and put in 4 Abor Elves. Depending on the deck I am playing I do run Geists. They are sideboarded right now. One way or another it has worked well!
As I read my original response, I'm disappointed at myself for appearing as negative as I did. I think Bant auras might be more effective, given the similar mix of creatures, but I did not mean to discourage you from trying this and honing it. I know I get frustrated myself when I post Deck X and ask for comments on how to improve it, and the response is "play Deck Y instead."

Can you post your Sideboard please?
Yeah the sideboard is as follows

[C]Geist of Saint Traft[/C] x4
[C]Dissipate[/C] x4
[C]Negate[/C] x4

I realize that I am three cards short but sideboarding has always been a weakness of mine. I tipically side in all three of these whenever I play control. I take out [C]Selesnya Charm[/C] and [C]Knight of Glory[/C] and another depending on the deck I am playing. 

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