diabolic tutor for standard?

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I love diabolic tutor , its one of my favourite cards, but alas its not alowed in standard, and niether are there any transmute cards, but does anyone know of any cards like diabolic tutor or cards with something like transmute that are alowed in standard? Preferably blue or black ?
Increasing Ambition is your best bet.
I like Increasing Ambition, the Flashback gives you lategame options

Diabolic Revelation is another option, but it is more expensive in most cases
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thanks for the replys, i think Increasing Ambition is the best card for the job, thanks very much, shame theres no transmutes in the newer cards, i think it's a really good mechanic.
And with Gatecrash coming out, Crypt Ghast could help you with mana, if I'm understanding its ability correctly.
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