Vesuva and Lotus Vale?

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Can you put Vesuva into play as a copy of Lotus Vale without having to sacrifice 2 untapped lands?

(you can use Thespian's Stage to achieve that)
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as to the reason why?
614.12. Some replacement effects modify how a permanent enters the battlefield. (See rules 614.1c-d.) Such effects may come from the permanent itself if they affect only that permanent (as opposed to a general subset of permanents that includes it). They may also come from other sources. To determine which replacement effects apply and how they apply, check the characteristics of the permanent as it would exist on the battlefield, taking into account replacement effects that have already modified how it enters the battlefield (see rule 616.1), continuous effects generated by the resolution of spells or abilities that changed the permanent's characteristics on the stack (see rule 400.7a), and continuous effects from the permanent's own static abilities, but ignoring continuous effects from any other source that would affect it.

So first we apply Vesuva's replacement effect (choosing Lotus Vale), then we look ahead and see Lotus Vale has a replacement effect to apply, so we apply it (saccing 2 untapped lands or putting it in the yard) 

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