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Alright so heres what i have so far

Few things
Sideboard: have nothing
Wanted to add Zameck Guildmage, can't decide what to remove. Maybe Bioshift also
Is Cratorhoof behemoth better than Wolfir Silverheart
How would Elvish Archdruid and Elvish Visionary work out
I have been toying around with Simic aswell and I would definitely say that you need the Bioshift.  Being able to toss extra counters off of the lesser creatures and on to Master Biomancer would be amazing.  Also, you have a lot of ramp going.  Maybe look into the Nimbus Swimmer as a nice mana dump or a force evolver.
now i just have to figure out what to take out for bioshift 

Is nimbus better than that other XGG creature that doubles the +1/+1 counter every turn?
also i was considering splashing black for Corpsejack Menace and Deathrite shaman

also how many bioshifts would you run?
i've found predator ooze to be meh 
I would run around 3 of them.  And as for the other creature, Primordial Hydra if you have the cash, Nimbus if you don't.
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