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I"m not sure if i'm in the minority or majority with Dimir, but I did not go the mill route. As per common though, I did splash white. I do feel like Dimir is a guild if you let it get out of the gates and it can begin using some of those cipher cards unchecked it can get crazy and really hard to beat. I'm not even sure which is the "best" cipher card. Possibly, call of the nightwing, but hands of binding is just stupid good. Could call call of the nightwing be one of the best uncommons? I sure think it has a chance. Even ciphering its token it can get out of hand. My "bombs" were Alms Beast, sepulcharl primordial, and consuming aberration. I do know I was using the aberration improperly by not milling but, it was still usually a minimum 5/5 minus the fact it created its own milling for itself. For being the "worst" guild from the set I felt it was actually pretty good.

What are your guys thoughts on Dimir from this weekend?
It was fine.  You don't need much mill other than the Aberration (at least for pre-release you didn't - you won't often have this card in drafts or traditional sealed).  Some of the incidental mill, such as on the Spy, and Psychic Strike helped.

I think there is enough evasion and control that the Guild is fine.  It is not over-powering, but it is not auto-lose.  I may have mentioned in another the thread, the winner of our 62-man pre release went 6-0 with Dimir mill.

Draft might be harder, because Orzhov and Simic are likely to take a lot of the cards that Dimir is going to want.
I picked Dimir last night, but ended up playing RWB.  I don't think the guild is bad, I think I just opened a crappy pool for Dimir.  My cipher cards were mediocre at best (besides one Stolen Identity), my blue creatures were crap, and even splashing white I didn't have any good extort stuff to get a long game going.

I lost my first round playing Dimir, splashing white for Deathpact Angel, Vizkopa Confessor, and Assault Griffin.  After that I built RWB to add in Hellkite Tyrant, Wrecking Ogre, and all-around better stuff.
I thought dimir went well. I played dimir and won our prerelease @ 5-1 (I lost to another dimir deck). I didn't get may good pulls for milling... Not a single copy of call of the nightwing or hands of binding. I did have 2 Nightvale Specters and 1 consuming abborition I almost never drew.
I am Black/Green
I am Black/Green
Dimir comes together a little less often than the other decks but (especially with the prerelease card) can be really good. A good Dimir deck can stall all but the best aggressive decks enough to get the upper hand (with a proper draw), and their lategame can be terrifying.
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I played Dimir 3 times, and each had varying results.  My first pool was super-powerful, with some mill engines (Undercity Informer plus Mortus Strider is a bit of a combo), but usually won through damage because of the Aberration and Obzedat, Ghost Council.  My second pool (for 2 Headed Giant) was also fairly powerful, but extremely aggressive.  It went to town with tons of unblockable and evasive guys, but played no cipher.  My third pool was bad.  It had a lot of evasion, but had very little other action.  There was no mill in it, but had some "good" cipher cards.

Overall, I found cipher to be next to unplayable.  It was great when I was winning, but did absolutely nothing otherwise.  My third pool was probably an "ideal" cipher pool.  I had 5 unblockable creatures and 6 fliers, and had no problem getting damage through.  The issue was that cipher literally didn't do anything.  By the time I could cast a cipher card for value, I was so far behind on the board because everyone else gets undercosted guys but I get fairly costed evasion creatures.  It just wasn't a good time.

I also found that you pretty much have to splash white with Dimir.  You need the extra removal, and you're very likely to be short playables because the guild is so divided between the mill plan and the evasive beats plan.

For the record, I also played Gruul once and Orzhov once.  I found Gruul had the problem of drawing the wrong half of the deck first and had some curve issues.  Orzhov seemed extremely powerful, but took forever to get going.  The infinite removal was nice, but when you're only attacking for 1 or 2 every turn, your removal runs out quickly.