Polearm Momentum Stoneblessed Goliath?

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Could you pleae critique the build belo?
No.  Build it yourself, post it for crit, and we'll help.  This is the character optimisation forum, not the build my character for me forum.
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The basics take like 10 minutes, and you might learn something about how your character works.

EDIT: while we're at it, when you do post, please use ["sblock = build"]  and ["/sblock"]  without the quotation marks when you do post. Easier on the eyes.  
Stoneblessed Polearm

Paragon Path:Stoneblessed
Epic Destiny:Eternal Defender
Class Feature:Earthstrength
Background: +2 Perception from"Forest"
Ability Score Start:
Str 18/Con16/Dex11/Int10/Wis14/Cha10
Level-Up Increases
L 28Str/Wis
Final Scores:
L1Wrathful Warrior(MC Fighter, MP2)(Skill:Heal)
L2 Polearm Expertise(MME)
L4-Goliath Greatweapon Prowess(PH2)
L6-Polearm Flanker (PH3)
L8-Courage of the Lone Stag(Dr379)
L10-Hafted Defense(PH3)
L11-Polearm Gamble(PH)
L12-Earth's Punishment(Dr379)
L14-Improved Defenses(HoFl)
 L16-Polearm Momentum(MP)
L18-Earthstrength Defenses(PP)
L20-Deft Guardian(Dr379)
L21-Earthstrength Might(PP)
L22-Heavy Blade Opportunity(PH)
 L24-Second Skin(PP)
L26-Far-Reaching Grasp(PP) 
L28-Strength through Challenge(Dr387)
L30-Limitless Wrath(Dr379)

Weight of Earth
Strength of Stone
L1-12 Roots of Stone
L3-16 Earthgrasp Strike
L7-23 Mountain's Stature
L13-26 Stormhowler's Strike
L17 Call Forth the Harvest
L23 Guardian's Wrath
L27Weight of the Mountain
L1-14 Form of the Willow Sentinel
L5-18 Earth-Shaking Rend
L9-24 Form of the Oak Sentinel
L15-28 Form of the Crushing Mountain
L19 Warding Smash
L25 Form of the World Forger
L29 Form of the Grim Harvester
 L2Endure Pain
L6 Sea Stride
L10-Guardian's Attack
L16-Warden's Refusal

L1- Glaive, Hide Armor
L3-20 Use Acidic Glaives
L4-30 Use Barkskin Hide
L21-27 Use Quick Glaive
 L28-30 Vorpal Glaive
Could I please have a critique?
I don't think you posted that 17 hours ago, I was awake and around then. So, you come across as a little pushy.

As far as the build is concerned, what is it you are hoping to achieve? As I understand it, polearm builds prefer to keep enemies prone, 2 squares away, or in case of the goliath with stoneblessed PP, perhaps 3 squares away. The warden works best in close burst one, keeping his enemies close, wailing on him, and not being able to stand up and charge an ally.

EDIT: oops

He's a Warden, he doesn't need a high Dex score.
He needs at least 15 to use pole arm momentum.
Which he has by 14 in his level progression. I was correcting the belief that he would be using Dex for AC.
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