An encounter suiting a monk

I want to include an encounter that really focuses on the monk in my party for the next session.  I try and let one of my characters stand out every session, but I am kind of stumped with the monk.  Last week, the rogue disarmed a hallway of traps.  The cleric really shined in the final cave when we ran the caves of chaos.

My fighter and wizard are pretty happy dealing damage in combat.  I am looking for something that specifically challenges the monk.  Any suggestions?
A chase scene. Some fast monster snatches something of importance from the party and only the monk is fast enough to catch it using Step of the Wind. If the monk is Lv.3 or higher, add some vertical movement; if the monk is Lv. 5 or higher, add some open liquid to run across. When the monk catches up to the monster, have a contest to see if the monk manages to get the item back.
She is level 5. I like the water idea.
The monk overcomes all damage resistance as well. That might make her stand out as well somehow?
My monk was pretty useful in a room full of diseased air. You should also look at what skills the player has chosen. For example, my monk has the "balance" skill which I have never used. 
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