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Hey guys, I'm fairly new to Magic and am thinking of migrating from DotP to MTGO. Anyway, I saw on the site that if you purchase 20 tix and 1 guild mark, MTGO will provide 5 boosters and 1 guild booster. Will these boosters cover the actual booster cost of the draft event? Or do we need to purchase an additional 3 gatecrash boosters to enter?
The 20 tix and 1 guild mark (total $25) is the total entry fee for the pre-release events. You don't need to provide anything else.
Also the release events are 6 pack sealed (one is a guild specific pack), I'm not sure where you got the 3 pack part from.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

Ah, thanks. I thought draft tourneys were 3 packs plus 2 event tickets in order to make a 40 card min deck. So you actually open all 6 packs in this draft tourney and you choose a min 40 card deck from it?
Correct. The 3 boosters are used in drafts.
Ok, so I'm just now realizing what's going on here. I've been confusing sealed format, and draft format, thinking they were the same thing. In this sealed format where you pay $25, you open up all 6 boosters instead of 3. And in addition, you do not trade your boosters to the person adjacent to you. You simply make a deck out of the 6 boosters you opened with unlimited land cards.

In draft format, you eventually open 3 boosters, but you make a deck by picking one and passing the rest of the pack to your left or right.

Regardless of which format you choose, the minimum card per deck is 40. Is this right?
Yes the minimum deck size is 40 cards for all limited events (draft and sealed).
Also when you mentioned guild marks I assumed you where talking about the pre-release. Normal events don't use guild marks they are a special event thing.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

If I may ask one more question, excluding special events such as new  releases and pre-release events, how easy is it to enter a game that reward you boosters for wins? Do they only award you boosters for special events such as these? or can I simply look for the appropriate game room at any time of day and compete for booster rewards?
All paid tournament events award boosters as prizes for wining. The official tournaments are split between 3-4 rooms based on the type of event. The exact number and type of boosters varies depending on the event and how well you do.
If you are using the current standard client the event names are links to a website that lists the actuall prize payouut (and cost).

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?

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