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My boyfriend and I (dwarf cleric and elf wizard) are two completely new players to D&D. We just learned to play fourth edition from the redbox starter kit and some accompanying materials. We each have a well fleshed out character, but no one to play with! My friends, being mostly female, are somewhat unwilling to play, and he's from out of state.

We are looking to start a new group that would meet once weekly -- details to be determined -- to play d&d. We like the idea of finding players who are entirely new to the game and looking to learn (we've done quite a bit of studying, so we could show you the basics at least and then learn the rest as we go along) with, or somewhat new players. If you're experienced in the game, don't worry! That's fine too. One of his roomates is an experienced DM, so we might be able to add him to our list of players.

If you're interested, let me know! Looking forward to playing with you.