RW Giant Deck. Need advice

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Here are the cards I would ditch:
Fire-Belly Changeling Allthough it does work as a giant, its has too small a mana cost for your Stinkdrinker Daredevil and similar cards to be effective on it, and there are better low-cost giants you could add
Heat Shimmer Although good, wouldnt you rather cast an entirely new giant later on in the game rather than putting down a temporary one? It's really only effective in the late game once you have a big giant already out.
Rite of flame You already have 8 other forms of mana acceleration in the deck, so these won't really be necessary
With those 9 cards out, I would add these:
3 Countryside Crusher This is the better low-cost giant I was talking about earlier. It's a really good that you can play early on if you think you have enough lands, or you can save it for later once you don't want to draw lands anymore
2 Borderland Behemoth A must have in a giant deck, and you only have one so 3 should be good. 
4 Lightning Helix Too good not to have in a RW deck
Thx! awesome advice (:
 Loved the Lightning Helix suggestion ;)
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