Minions and Attack Powers With Effects that Cause Damage

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The minion rules provide that "If a minion is missed by an attack that deals damage on a miss, the minion doesn't take that damage."  A player of mine had a rogue daily that had an Effect that caused damage.  Because it was an effect, it would occur whether the attack hit or not.  He missed with his attack.  My inclination was to rule that the minion rule would cause the Effect to not damage the minion.  When he argued I let it slide.  What does the hive mind say?
Miss and Effect are two different things.  The Effect would still damage the Minion, as it will occur regardless of whether or not the attack hits or misses.  Minions are only immune to damage listed on a Miss: line.
Controllers actually have a wide variety of low Effect: auto-damage powers for precisely this reason, part of their design is dealing with minions.
I am glad that I ruled correctly.

You didn't think using a daily on a minion (and missing) was already punishment enough ?

To be clear, you did not rule correctly, you decided not to argue the players point. Not the same. 

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