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Does anyone know anything about this lost ancient dwarven city? One of my players has decided that their character's goal is to find it. I've made some stuff up, but was wondering if there was actually any real indignation out there?
There's an excerpt from the latest Underdark sourcebook that talks a little about Deepreach, but I don't know that it's an actual location (relating to dwarves) in the Forgotten Realms.

Their is an Upperdark lake called The Deep Reach that is due south of Oryndoll, the City of Loretakers (illithids, and lots of them). The lake is (roughly) underneath the Deepwing Mountains and the Cloven Mountains.
Is this the same area once known as "The Deeps", a vast unground region underlying the lands east of the Shining Sea and south of the Sea of Falling Stars? Is this refering to the Deep Lands which is known as the place where Deepspawn are native and consist of several areas:  The Deepfall, Helmstar, Blackrock Anvil, Velm's Brace, Bluesky Cavern, the Wyrmcaves, Wildstar, Whistlecavern, Needle Leap?  

The Deep Realm is a rich and proud land, the home of the Gold Dwarves.  The Deep Lords a governing council of Gold Dwarf Elders.  It is awash in royalty-petty, decadent royalty-from whom all real power is taken away.  Their endless fueds, bickering, and private wars lead to the forming of the Deep Lords 700 years before 1990 release of this material in 2nd Edition's Dwarves Deep.  

They seem to have been in constant war with Drow, Duegar, and Illithids.  Elminster states that they found some peace but still skirmish with Drow and Duegar remembering the hardships of their ancester refused to Trade with Humans of Unther...  So they may have been half wiped out by the Spellplague land shifting events possibly...  

Not sure but that is what information I can drop off the cuff of my Candle Keep like collection of Realms Lore materials. Wink
Underdark page 34: ....a part of every dwarfs heart aches for the ancient days. Dwarven songs resound with legends of Deep reach, a legendary dwarven home lost in the Under dark."
Page 37: the dwarves of Forge home reverently tell of a legend, a wonderful place called Deep reach that fell to evil. Deep reach was a mighty Dwarven kingdom of old, one whose many great halls and lamp-lit corridors could have easily swallowed the colony of Forgehome in one of its bustling, vaulted wards. Cataclysm overtook Deepreach...only a few dwarves escaped the disaster, and their descendants founded Forgehome. The legend of Deepreachis remarkably light on details...."

This is probably the best I'm going to find isn't it?
This is probably the best I'm going to find isn't it?

Most likely, unless there's a web enhancement for the 4E Underdark book on the Wotc site.

I'd like to point out that if its anything listed in the 4e books that does not say FR on them such as the underdark book, than its not a FR city....

which pretty much means that anything you make up is good to go, 
a mask everyone has at least two of, one they wear in public and another they wear in private.....
Does anyone know anything about this lost ancient dwarven city?

That does not appear to be a FR specific location. If you decide to place it in FR, it could probably go just about anywhere. It's description fits particularly well with Gauntlegrym though.

If Gauntlegrym doesn't get it done for you, you can always have Deepreach connected by caverns to Gauntlegrym via the underdark.  Your PCs find the an ancient journal somewhere that mentions a way to deepreach from Gauntlegrym.

To find the way to one lost city, they have to find the other first.  That allows you to poach a lot of the material from the NWCG (which is excellent imo), then a long journey through the underdark, only to find the ancient ruins inhabited by -insert ancient evil here-
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