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So, I know this will come up tomorrow and I want to be sure, a creature enchanted with Holy Mantle can't be the target of a bloodrush ability due to rule 702.15a:

702.15a Protection is a static ability, written “Protection from [quality].” This quality is usually a color (as in “protection from black”) but can be any characteristic value. If the quality happens to be a card name, it is treated as such only if the protection ability specifies that the quality is a name. If the quality is a card type, subtype, or supertype, the ability applies to sources that are permanents with that card type, subtype, or supertype and to any sources not on the battlefield that are of that card type, subtype, or supertype. This is an exception to rule 109.2.
The FAQ specifically mentions scavenge, but not bloodrush:

* The enchanted creature can’t be blocked, it can’t be targeted by abilities of creatures or creature cards (like, notably, the scavenge ability), and all damage dealt to it by creatures or creature cards is prevented.

I'm just confused as to why scavenge would be more notable than bloodrush in this FAQ. 

Bloodrush is an ability of a creature card, so a creature enchanted with Holy Mantle can't be its target.

My only guess as to why they didn't use bloodrush as the example is because they were concerned that people reading the FAQ are the same people looking to learn what all the new abilities mean -- it would be sort of like using a word in its own definition.
Got it, makes sense.

I also say thanks.  I just came to this forum to ask the same thing.  Cheers!
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