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How do the effects of Doubling Season/Corpsejack Menace interact with effects that move counters rather than generate them such as Spike Cannibal or Spike Rogue?

I feel like it is only intended to interact with counters that are generated but I think the wording is unclear.
To move a counter is to remove it from one object and place one on another. Both Season and Menace will apply.

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interesting, the CompRules don't actually definitively support that conclusion

though the interaction has been ruled that way previously

121.5. If an effect says to “move” a counter, it means to take that counter from the object it’s currently on and put it onto a second object. If the first and second objects are the same object, nothing happens. If the first object has no counters, nothing happens; the second object doesn’t get a counter put on it. If the second object (or any possible second objects) is no longer in the correct zone when the effect would move the counter, nothing happens; a counter isn’t removed from the first object.

it specifically uses put instead of place

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