Jake of all Trades

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Jake of all Trades 
2: Have each player exile the top card of there library.
0: Play any card exiled by ~. (You still pay it's costs.)
-5: ~ becomes a 6/6 creature in addition to its other types and gains the abilities of target creature. (In addition to its other abilities.)
What's the benefit of the first ability drawing then exiling as opposed to just exiling?
Playing things that have been exiled by an ability is a blue and a black thing, not a white thing.
Copying creatures is also a blue thing, there is nothing white about this. 
playing other people cards

why t"official" #DOD report suffers from "terrorist" syndrome ?

>Choosing to retire a former foundation of our community was not an easy decision,

the participants built this community have the rights to the content

wanton erasher is an unessary infringement on the freedom of speach

Shovel And Bone – Alleluia! The Devil's Carnival on tour

How is it now?

Still not particularly white.

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