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Hi all (first at all, sorry for my english but i'm spanish xP)
My question is:
I play Dredge, with dread return and a creature with resilence (Flayer of the Hatebound).
If Flayer has a +1/+1 counter on it and i sacrifice him to pay Dread return's cost, can I declare the same Flayer on the graveyard like target?
I'm going to assume that the spanish word for the undying ability means resillience.

Flayer of the Hatebound
Dread Return

Dread Return targets a creature in the graveyard. Targets are chosen when casting a spell before costs are paid - therefore, at that point Flayer will still be on the battlefield, and won't be a legal target for the Dread Return.
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The ability is called "undying".

No, targets must be chosen before costs are paid. So the Flayer is still on the battlefield when you select a target for Dread Return.
I wonder why WotC didn't choose Eterno or Inmortal instead of Resiliencia

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