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Wouldnt Guildmages second ability and Exquisite Blood make some kind of weird trick together?
Wouldnt Guildmages second ability and Exquisite Blood make some kind of weird trick together?

It's an infinite life sap combo, lol. 

Not that hard to set up hah
Not that hard to set up hah

You'd be surprised. In most of my play test, my opponent realizes whats about to happen and either blows up my Guildmage, or counters my Exquisite Blood. 
Does the Guildmage's trigger need to have the Guildmage alive once it is in the stack? If not, then you trigger the Guildmage and then drop Exquisite Blood. Assuming you don't get hit by a counter it will be good game?

I'm also not a huge fan of the conditional kill spells.

In addition, I wonder whether Thrull Parasite  is a better card for this deck than the Sanctifiers. At least you can get multiple uses out of the Extort mechanic on the same-sized body but we get the additional utility of being able to remove counters.

Also what about Syndic of Tithes  in the Artist slot? It would let us swing for 2 and possibly inflict a 2 point HP swing when casting a spell. I wouldn't suggest Extort creatures in all slots (we're not going to have the mana for that in this deck) but for what we need in this slot, Syndic might be worth consideration. BA could be a sideboard for decks with sweepers.
Looks like you'll demolish any creature deck, but you have little defense (and a lot of useless spells) against any deck involving R/U. Since those are very popular colors, I would recommend removing some of your kill spells and replacing them with other maneuvers, e.g. Duress.
Needs more Lingering Souls, Nearheath Pilgrim, Doomed Traveler along with Blood Artist you should never be without ways to trigger your combo, and out last the game long enough to make it happen. Maybe Increasing Ambition too?
I think I'm going to be making a deck fairly similar to this deck but I'm going to make it a little more similar to traditional control with the combo as a random way to suddenly win. I was thinking of starting with Ravonous Rats and Restoration Angel and going from there.
Obzedat and Nighthawk seem good. Lots of removal and Underworld Connections seem good. Vault of the Archangels seems great. Orzhov Charm seems like it could be a versitile kill spell or maybe somehting to save an angel or reset a rat. Lingering Souls seems like an obvious inclusion. Maybe one or two pieces of equipment? Is there any good equipment left in standard besides pike?
Duress would be needed in the side.
Grow old or die trying.
Bumb, cuz I need all the help, lol. 
It looks pretty sick to me. You'll have no problem hitting that combo. These types of decks are really the only new archetypes that worry me a little.
I like it, you have murder, you have the chalice, the combo guildmage/ exquisite blood, the double life gain and the death touch too. 
XD I appreciate the feed back guys. It's been doing pretty good on MWS lately, but now I need a Side board, any suggestions?
Rest in Peace, Ray of Revelation and Knight of Glory are really important right now. Gift of Orzhova could be fun in your deck, considering there's so much lifegain. Also you probably want some wrath options, so Terminus, Sever the Bloodline and Merciless Eviction are good options.
Illness in the Ranks is a must habve card in every sideboard that can cast black mana