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I was looking at Dragonstorm and I knew that I had to build a deck around it.

The deck is devided into 
1. Mana Exceleration (Lotus Bloom, Rite of Flame)
2. Mana Storage (Wild Cantor, Chromatic Star)
3. Dragonstorm
4. Thunder Dragon

Any tips would be appreciated.
Bogardan Hellkite and Hunted Dragon are popular targets to Dragonstorm up.

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As Kirchaiushii points out, there are better choices for dragons in Dragonstorm - it's a combo deck, and you more or less want to win immediately.

4x Kokusho, the Evening Star or 4x Bogardan Hellkite should be able to do it immediately via their triggered abilities.

4x dragons with 5+ power and haste (ie. Thundermaw Hellkite) should also be just fine.

Dragonstorm doesn't have to be monored (I usually see the deck in RU), and the dragons themselves can be any colors as you're more often than not not actually casting them, so common ones in Dstorm decks have been Karrthus, Tyrant of Jund (to give your dragons haste) and Hellkite Overlord (actually has haste).
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Simian Spirit Guide if you feel like faster acceleration, since you'll get your stormcount anyway; and perhaps play more than four windragons so that your kill doesn't fall short if you end up with one or two in your hand when you combo off.
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I'll go with:
-4 Thunder Dragon
+4 Hellkite Overlord
Thanks for your help guys.
Some stats:
your chance of having dragonstorm in starting hand is 38%, first mulli 59%, 2nd 71%
on average your cards produce around 1 mana so you need an average of 9 cards

adding 8 lands in the style of sandstone needle will help with ensuring you have enough mana - since you likely need a few turns anyway inner fire and mana seism are options as well.

increasing the odds of getting dragonstorm can be done with tutors (blue/red), monored can discard/draw hand or offer alternatives like empty the warrens

adding black adds a few extra rituals - cantor and the cantrip artifacts are weird here you wont be able to use them to increase stormcount, as you wont have the mana to cast them and dragonstorm in same turn unless you get ridiculously lucky with your rituals.