confusion when trying to start a 1vs1 commander game

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okay, i know i can not send a 1vs1 commander challenge to a buddie and the commander cards show up (or at least what i have tried does not work) ... and sometimes when i am trying to set up an open one ... for anyone .. it will not highlight the button for me to host a game when there are none available to join ... what selections am i making wrong? ... i select the deck ... pick commander for the format ...

then if i select just 1vs1 .. the commander cards never show up ... if i select just commander then it wants multiple people to sit at the game ... how do i do it for just one opponent where the commander cards show up ..?
I don't play Commander, but I think it is multiplayer only.  The closest format (that I'm aware of) for 1vs1 is 100 Card Singleton.  Hopefully somebody who's more familiar with these formats will help you out.
Commander can be a multiplayer format but the beta makes it only a multiplayer format. This will be adressed "soon".
ahhh ok so it is the client then that is causing the issue... hopefully they address it soon... being a newer player to MTGO the new client makes more sense to me then the older one.
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