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I don't do standard much, but I was wondering about the possible similarities between Bantrol lists and this color combination after Gatecrash's release. You'd lose some of the blue elements, but you could make up for it with more lifegain/hand control. It loses Sphinx's Revelation, but I think it has more versatile and faster wincons than Bant in the mirror.

Vampire Nighthawk as a possible more deadly early drop. It also has Flying, which helps against St. Traft in Auras.
Thragtusk and Restoration Angel is a powerful combo that helps delay the game into your finish as well as each being helpful in their own right.
Avacyn's Pilgrim is another useful holdover from Bant.
Obzedat, Ghost Counsil can act as a decent beater, though I'm thinking only a 2 count.
Crypt Ghast can be deadly if we go into an extort bleed finish as well as ramping us.

Now comes some more controversial cards:
Vizkopa Guildmage and Exquisite Blood is certainly a powerful combo. However, due to its high cost, I am thinking maybe a 4-2 split would be best. In addition, Exquisite Blood doesn't help the rest of the strategy as much as Vizkopa does, so that's another reason for an uneven split.
Treasury Thrull can help us bleed like Crypt Ghast. It can also help us get back pieces of a combo we may have lost.
Vault of the Archangel we already have a decent amount of lifelink, so I am not entirely sure how useful this can be.

I'm not expecting too much, but I am wondering what you guys can think of.
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As long as it's random, I really can't see where's the problem. Anyway, there's already a few standard ways for doing this. We listed them in this thread. If someone does the bogey-bogey, eats the cards, waits until they come out, look out the approximate order, place replacements in the same order, calls the president to ask him to give him a string of numbers, puts the card in the given order, then pick the cards in the order given by taking the date of birth of his opponent, reversed, and taking only every other number, then a judge can clearly declare that he's random enough.
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The beauty of sarcasm is that when the person using it is totally incorrect, you can just remove the sarcasm and end up with a post that is actually correct.
Needs more Blood Artist.
I think the VK Blood combo is better as a build around. I think its likely to be clunky and detrimental where the deck doesn't build around it.
Not a huge fan of Crypt Ghast in standard- a 2/2 for 4 mana isn't all that great. Would rather have a 0/4


I know there is an infinite life gain combo ivolving Boros Reckoner and giving him lifelink. I'm not exactly sure how it works. Something to consider tho...
I know there is an infinite life gain combo ivolving Boros Reckoner and giving him lifelink. I'm not exactly sure how it works. Something to consider tho...

now that i know the combo....

give boros reckoner indestructibility via boros charm, frontline medic, etc.

give boros reckoner lifelink via nearheath pilgrim, swift justice, etc.

have boros reckoner take damage thru combo damage or some sort of burn spell.

damage hits BR, it's ability goes on the stack, use the ability to target itself, which then you use to do it again, and again, all the while gaining life.  it won't die, since it is indestructible.

these are all reasonble cards to be played together in a boros deck anyways.     

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Nearhearth Pilgrim, Boros Reckoner, Boros Charm. Your opponent will never block again.

Also, I want to revise what I seem to have said 2 weeks ago. I like using Crypt Ghast to cast Turn 5 griselbrand.


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