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Is there any benefit in being involved in one more than the other? You can't use Planeswalker (Gold bordered) cards in Standard and vice versa. Since real money is spent on buying cards I want to make sure anything I buy is worth it in the long run.
As there's no tournament activity for PW, I'll assume that you are approaching this decision from a purely casual play perspective. There's far more activity playing "real" formats, and tons more variety too. You can easily make decks that are lots of fun to play in Standard by trading directly for the cards you want, and $10-$20 is a reasonable amount to spend for a deck. (Not sure if you were even considering opening boosters for cards, but never do this, it's a huge mistake.)

Apart from the few most sought after rare cards in each set, everything else is very cheap to trade for. You could even consider Modern as it's a very diverse format and cheaper to build an even larger range of casual decks for. The other thing about Modern is that once you make a deck, you can play it forever (compare to Standard, where sets rotate out of legality after 2 years).
Planeswalker is really only meant as a way to introduce you to MTGO.  It's not really supposed to be the only thing you ever play.  It is extremely limited in the cards you can have.  Now, that works really well for some people, and they can have boatloads of fun just playing planeswalker all the time.  However, for the majority of players, it is better to move on to "real" mtg cards.  So, it's basically split into planeswalker cards, which are a tiny subset made for people to start out with and....everything else.  So, the best bet is usually "everything else", which includes standard.

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I was just really confused on why Planeswalker even exists if you can't trade and they are only to be used in Planeswalker games.

I know how random a booster can be so I was considering buying one of the theme decks. I still don't know how easily accessible some cards can be by trading.  
Don't buy a theme deck from the store. The individual cards can be bought for about a third of the cost on the secondary market.
If you are using the normal client the deck lists of all the theme decks is saved on your computer in the theme decks folder, you just need to buy the cards.
As for availability you can buy any card you want in a mater of minutes. Generally if its not in a tournament deck (of any format) the card will be less than a ticket (dollar).

As for the planeswalker set. It is meant to be a cheap intro product to show you fun cards you might not be able to afford as real cards. It is also there as a step for people coming from dotp as it is the same set of cards as is available there.

I've bought the cards and made a deck Now how do I win at this?