Help cutting cards/ making sideboard with my white angel healing deck.

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// Deck
20 Plains
2 Seraph Sanctuary
1 Emancipation Angel
1 Serra Angel
2 Seraph of Dawn
3 Sunspire Griffin
1 Angel of Jubilation
2 Crusader of Odric
1 Voice of the Provinces
1 Avacyn, Angel of Hope
2 Phantom General
2 Archangel
3 Knightly Valor
4 Ethereal Armor
4 Avenging Arrow
2 Arrest
4 Oblivion Ring
4 Scroll of Avacyn
2 Pacifism
4 Boros Fury-Shield
4 Trostani's Judgment
2 Tablet of the Guilds
2 Ajani Goldmane
Not ment to be competitive, but I want to know what I should take out to make it a bit better, and possibly make a side board.
I'm not a fan of Trostani's Judgment in any deck, due to its cmc; populate is nice, but you can do better.  Boros Fury-Shield seems weak, as well.

As you are taking an enchantment-heavy route, may I suggest Soul Tithe and Mesa Enchantress... perhaps even Sphere of Safety?

Given the high cmc of several of your cards, I recommend more land (maybe 2 more plains AND an Emeria, the Sky Ruin), as well as some mana rocks.  Sol Ring is ideal, but Worn Powerstone  and Mind Stone are good too.  Given that you really don't spam the field with tokens, both Phantom General and Crusader of Odric can go; if you rework the deck to be token-heavy (very possible in White), then slip them right back in.

Serpah of Dawn loves equipment.  Perhaps adding 2-4 pieces of your best equipment could be worthwhile?

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1. Not enough lands for topping out at an 8 drops. You'd prob want about 25 lands for that. 2 more Seraph Sanctuary seems good if you're not running an Emeria, the Sky Ruin suite.
2. Haven't put your mana curve into a deck editor, but it looks pretty fat. You want the majority of your cards to be in the 2-4 slot range.
3. Most auras aren't great outside of hexproof guys, and even then you only want some of the best/most efficient. Can't say I really approve of the auras here; there are non-aura cards which do the same things, if not better, and don't run the risk of two-for-ones.
4. Tablet of the Guilds is more or less card disadvantage. Minimal life gain for no benefit.
5. Krich is right about Trostani's Judgment - populate can be good, but is rarely worth 6 mana, especially when your token is prob going to just be a 2/2.
6. Because you aren't running many creatures/tokens, Phantom General and Crusader of Odric probably have better alternatives. 
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First, why Tables of the Guild? You only have white cards. Like krichaiushii said, Soul Tithe It's a good option... Since you have some heavy angels, you could use enchants likePacifism, Arrest and Oblivion Ring to control the game before casting some angels. And a Sphere of Safety with too many enchants on the board works really good on your favor.

You didn't have too many tokens... Take off Phantom General, Voice of the Pronvinces and add 3 Emancipation Angel. You are trying too gain life, combine the Emancipation with Cathedral Sanctifier. There's a lot off trigger effects that you can combine with that angel.
How about change Avenging Arrow and Trostani's Judgment for cards like Rebuke?

I supposed that you play casual, just with friend or something... so, there's a lot of cheep & good cards to try, just search and you'll find it :D
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