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If I have an implement, but I'm not proficient with it, can I still use it for its properties or daily powers? Would I have to hold it, or could I just put it in my pocket and still benefit from at least its properties?
You get diddly without proficiency.
You get diddly without proficiency.

Additionally, if you do have proficiency, you must be wielding the item in question in order to benefit from it. A Quicksilver Dagger does not add to my Initiative while it is in my pack.

You get nothign unless you're both proficient with and holding the implement.
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Yes, you must be proficient with the implement to gain any benefits from it. 

Holy symbols, however, unlike other implements, do not necessarily have to be HELD to be used.  They can be worn or held.  And you can only benefit from one holy symbol at a time, so no pinning 15 holy symbols on your tunic.  Putting it in your pocket probably would not count as "worn." 

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