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What are your strategies for winning Lords of Waterdeep?
I have played four times with two people and two times with three people.  I found that investing in quests with ongoing effects seemed to help a lot.  I speculate that searching through the quests during the first few turns is probably a very good strategy early in the game since you might find some great quests with ongoing effects.  I think that generally it is best to invest in buildings that you know you would use, so that you can get benifit even if your opponents are unwilling to go to your building.  And it is normally better to buy buildings that cost three or four gold rather than eight.  I also think that focusing on obtaining plot quests early in the game is a better use of your turns than building.  However, I suspect that with five or four players that buildings becomes a better focus, while the plot quest cards become a poorer priority.  
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