Orzhov Deck (Post-GTC)

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Now that I have a better idea of what's in Gatecrash, I might be more able to construct a proper Orzhov deck.  Here's what I was thinking so far:

The idea is to keep the opponent in check while draining the life out of them in various ways.  Blind Obedience and Basilica Screecher accomplish this through extort, while Stab Wound and One Thousand Lashes sap life every turn it's in play.  Or I can slap Ethereal Armor on Vampire Nighthawk so it has first strike AND deathtouch, making it nearly impossible to kill in combat, or I can give the armor to Alms Beast to prevent the lifelink effect from working.  And Duress will get rid of any pesky removal in their hand.  This is still a work in progress, so any feedback is appreciated.
Why does it feel like no one ever responds to my deck posts?  Am I doing something wrong?
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