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I just want to be sure I'm doing this right.

Undeads have no Constitution score, and they can never get one, right?

For example, a Vampire barbarian gains no bonus to Constitution when Raging. Is this correct? So the rage only lasts 3 rounds and it gains no bonus hit points. 
yep, that's correct. However there is a feat called extend rage which gives you and additional 5 rounds to the duration of a rage. 8 rounds should be plenty of time for an undead barbarian to do his business, and the fact that they aren't fatigued afterwards is a nice bit of icing.
Thank you for the quick clarification and advice.
As Lashius mentions an undead Barbarian wouldn't get the CON boost while raging so rage isn't as effective but they also do not suffer the fatigue afterwards making Rage 100% boost.
I feel like there were feats or class features somewhere to let you use charisma? I don't recall where but it might be helpful if you want to play one.

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Ferocity or whirling frenzy would be a good alternative class feature for an undead barbarian.

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