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So yeah, more decks based on ravnica and return to ravnica cards for the Gruul clan:

Borborygmos SMASH!!!

Suprise Beast Sects

The only real problem I see is a lack of artifact/enchantment hate, but that seems kind of Gruul-ish, pure beatstick with little finnesse
So I see why you have Gyre Sage in your first one, but only a single card to put counters on her (other than her evolve) why not Increasing Savagery? You can pump her nicely to pay for it's flashback cost and flashback onto a big "smasher". I personally would not play Guild Feud but put in something else more useful. Madcap Skills fits the whole gruul theme (even if the pic/flavor text is rakdos). You are more likely to hit with a card like that.
hope this helps
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Why don't you put Ghor-Clan Rampager in the first list? I really like this 2 on 1 card... A four mana 4/4 with trample that can be used as a buff of +4/+4 AND trample...
Well, only Ravnica and Return to Ravnica blocks?
Regarding the gyre sage, I figured there are 12 cards that can give it counters for under 3 mana so odds are good I can get one or two in a game. The goal of the first deck is to ramp up to guild feud so I can get some good creatures out earlier potentialy or at least trade dead creatures. I would use increasing savagery if I weren't limiting it to ravnica cards, although that plus nightshade peddler would make the beginning of a fun standard deck...

While I like ghor-clan rampager a lot, it doesn't really work as well as boborygmos and hunted troll for the smash face intent of the first deck 
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