New BR Zombie Deck. Rate?

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Alright so I'm making a RB zombie deck, but it has some vamps in it. It's kinda a aggro deck but not extremely fast.  Rate?


 4- Blood Artist
 4- Diregraf Ghoul
 4 - Falkenrath Aristocrat
 4- Gravecrawler
 4- Geralf's Messenger
 2- Stromkirk Noble
 2- Knight of Infamy
 2- Thundermaw Hellkite
 1- Rakdos, Lord of Riots
 2- Desecration Demon
 2- Highborn Ghoul

 2- Rakdos's Return
 2- Bonfire of the Damned
 3- Tragic Slip
 3- Dreadbore

 4- Dragonskull Summit
 3- Cavern of Souls
 4- Blood Crypt
 7- Swamp

Post what you think I should add/remove. 

I don't know if it was your intent, but blood artist's life loss doesn't trigger rakdos' damage done casting requirement Derp me read English bad, and if you're thinking of using falkrath aristocrat as your sacrifice outlet to trigger blood artist there are cheaper alternatives like bloodflow conno-whatsit or bone splinters
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