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I'm in the process of making a Storm Sorcerer/Ranger and after seeing the Scion of Arkhosia paragon path, some questions were raised about the Overland Flight feature. The most important question I have, which I have been searching for in the forums with no luck, is as follows:

Can I, during a normal "Your ambushed by bandits in a field!" encounter, fly up one square, forward 10, and then back down to the ground. Then, after landing, use my minor and standard actions. This exerpt from the PHB2 in my opinion screams yes with three simple words "in the air". This leads me to believe that as long as I am not flying when I take the standard and minor, it's fine. I've been reading other forum posts and it seems the general opinion is that you cannot take an action during your entire turn at all or you crash, which makes no sense to me after reading this quote several times. So hopefully someone can clear this up for me, I just want to fly around, land, and beat the crap out of people. Is that too much to ask?

Here's the quote:
PHB2 pg 223]Overland Flight: An overland flight speed works like a fly speed with one exception: While you are in the air using your overland flight speed, you crash if you take any action other than a move action to use overland flight or a free action.
Unfortunatly, you can't do that.  BTW here's the most up to date definition of Overland Flight from Monster Manual 2:

MM2 218 Overland Flight: Overland flight works like a fly speed with one exception: A creature can take a move action to use overland flight only if it has taken no actions that turn, except free actions or move actions using overland flight. The creature can then take only those actions until the start of its next turn. See also fly speed.

Ah, I see. Well that sucks, but thank you for clearing that up.
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