This information "hole" in the setting is killing me...what noble house is Jaseela from?

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Jaseela is a fairly important character in the Prism Pentad novels and is depicted as a pretty important noble. She's repeatedly referenced in published materials (for example, in Road to Urik, the Tyrthani family are referred to as "Jaseela's vassals," which further implies that her house is a dominant one). But no matter what kind of combing or Googling I do, I simply can't find reference to her noble house.

It's a pain because obviously it's got an important role (so will need to have a presence in the upcoming noble-politicking adventure I'm writing) but I can't just keep saying, "Jaseela's house" (which is all they do in the books). I'm happy to make something up, but I'd rather use "official" details when possible.

I know which noble houses she is NOT because of the way they're presented:

Asticles, Mericles, Beryl, Dyan, Freydlev, Tyrthani, Turax

I also don't THINK she's a Minthur (but am I wrong?)

I am thinking of setting her as a Shahram. That seems really wrong because they're positioned so thoroughly as a weird culty family that's pretty much made to be evil, but...that could be cool, maybe that all those rumors are false and the house is just really decadent.

Wow, great find. I just combed through everything I had and couldnt find any mention of her house either. It seems like it was purposefully done, perhaps to let us DM's insert any house we wanted. I dont see her mentioned in City-State of Tyr, strangely.

She could be some sort of enigmatic unkown. She's not part of any family, but for some reason wields enormous power, why?
Sorry if I don'T have any answer for you and if I ask a question myself. It's been more than 20 years I'm playing DS and GMing. It's a flaw in my Athas knowledge to know so few about Nobles.

Does anybody here have a list of the tablelands nobles? I just read those waxwingslain wrote, I know half of them, but I'm out when it comes to remember those from the novels (ouch).
The Siltskimmer Page -
She definitely is part of a noble house, as they refer to her powerful family having vassals and such. I don't think her name was left out on purpose; I think Denning forgot to ever mention it and nobody wanted to "step on his toes" by making up a name for a character he had created, so they just avoided it. I will make up a name if I have to (God knows I'm doing it for a bunch of other noble houses); I just was wary of creating a name for an existing named character.

The names I listed are all the Tyrian noble families I have been able to find in the materials.
Sometime, if you look on the old listserver, you can find a few jewels! Here's one :
The Siltskimmer Page -
is that a weird executable? blocked by my comp, sadly.
Here's what the list says:

Asticles : Head of family, Hero of the Revolution, Councilman Agis
Agis enjoys extreme popularity with the masses and holds special favor with the king. Agis is one of the few people who actually has the king's confidence, therefore nobody wants to upset him. His family, though small, enjoys enormous power because of Agis' proximity to the Heroes of Tyr and his successful faro fields.

Turax ; Head of Family, Councilman
Turax is an old man. Even with wild senility he refuses to give up the reigns of his family. His eldest son, Jerald Turax ( actually the son of a mistress ) is ready for the command of the family but is dreadfully loyal to his father and his father's traditions.

Tyrthani ; Head of Family, Councilman Vilideen
The Tyrthani is the oldest bloodline in Tyr. It was started by human slaves to the last halflings in Tyr when it was a Rulstli city. Now even with their large estate, art collection, and personal water well the Tyrthani are finding that their living is outweighing their income.

Minthur ; Head of Family , Councilman Trevalis
The Minthurs came into their money during the Merchant uprising 15 years ago. When the Merchant Lords embargoed the City. Trevalis ran an underground supply line in and out of the city. Every house had at least one agent brake the embargo to make money and the Minthurs got most of it.

Beryl ; Head of Family , Councilman
The family owns the largest privately owned plantation in the Tyr Valley. Beryl has 7 daughters by his two wives and all his daughters are beautiful. Nobles across the Tyr Region are courting his children.

Dyan ; Head of Family , Councilman
Dyan is the most successful land lord in Tyr. He owns fully 25% of the Merchant and Tradesman districts and receives rent from all of it.

Kiah ; Head of Family , Councilman Ardmon
Ardmon toured Nibenay and fell in love with a dancer in the Starlight pageant. He seduced her and brought her back to Tyr. Since then he has in turn been seduced by his wife. She is the true head of the family, making all the major decisions. The Kiah family has 2 sons and 1 daughter. He makes his money off the Astcleans because the vineyards on Kaih property are used in Asticlean wine. Ardmon won the council vote because of his popularity at parties of the nobility.

Kasena ; Representative of Family , Councilwoman
The widow Kasena's husband was fat off the now defunct slave trade. The Kasens family owned a huge militia force to capture and sell slaves. When the slaves were free, the family rented their troops to the Bureau of Defense to be in the Army. The Kasenan sigil is synonymous with the military in the minds of most Tyrians. The eldest son Riktor handles the affairs of the family while Kasena attends Council and always votes for peaceful solutions.

Chessia ; Schoolmistress , Councilwoman
Herself an accomplished psionicist, she owns the only goverment-sanctioned school for psionicists in Tyr. Chessia always work to insure the safety of her school and students. Rynn ; Head of Family , Councilman On the payroll for the Mafia in Tyr. The Black Market wanted a councilor, they bullied the city to vote in a puppet. ( Councilor Turloff is in the Mafia as well. )

Rikus ; Hero of the Revolution , Councilman
Everyone knows who Rikus is. Rikus gets alot of respect from the masses because it is generally believed that he is the one who actually killed Kalak with the Halfling's spear. After the defeat at Urik, the Templars insured that he would never lead a Tyrian army again, and put the fledgling Bureau of Defense in charge of the Tyrian army. The masses love him, the Nobles and Templars think he isn't that bright.

Sadira ; Known Magic-User, Hero of the Revolution, Councilwoman
Is friends / associates / lovers with Rikus and Agis. This is a publicly known love triangle. This is a good thing for her because if it wasn't for the assumed protection and retribution of Rikus and Agis, Sadira would have suffered a magician's fate.

Timor ; Senior Templar Loyal servant to Tithian I.
Is a practicing Defiler and a student of Dote Mal Payne. Timor wishes to follow Tithian's example and be a King of Tyr.

Turloff ; Craftsman , Councilman
Elected to represent the craftsmen. The craftsmen as a class have no idea about government. Turloff campaigned on the promise of voting to raise tariffs on imports and fighting to lower taxes on exports. Is a leader of the Black Market mafia.

Rowen ; Tailor of Caravan Way , Councilwoman
Once every year, Caravan Way votes who should represent them. Rowan got herself voted in because she is a gifted debater and even though she has no policy herself, she illuminates holes in other Counciler's policies.

Xalos ; Stonecutter of the Brickyards , Councilman
The Brickyards is still a home for indentured servants, squalor and homelessness. Xalos unshakingly argues for government money to be allocated to build more homes and to repair the shacks in the Warrens. Most of the honest folk in the Warrens and Brickyards know and like him.

Flin ; Stadium Weaponsmith , Councilman
Flin is a weaponsmith with a stall in the Stadium Market. All the stall owners in the Stadium give their wish-lists to Flin and he compiles them to bring them up in Council. Flin is an insomniac and has the time for the double workload.

Shirrin ; Representative of Warrens , Councilwoman
Shirrin is a member of Granj's Ward, the most organized ex-slave gang in the Warrens. Shirrin does not reveal this in Council and votes for an equal sharing of property in Tyr.

Nori ; Representative of the Fields , Councilman
Nori is an old man who after having bought his freedom from the Beryl family, wandered around the Tyr Valley collecting and Telling gossip while receiving handouts of food. Noril is the most informed man living in the fields and most of the Nobles feed and clothe him in order to hear the gossip about the other farms. He is in Council because of his fame at being in the know.

Poril ; At-large Representative
Most of the Half-Giants in Tyr consider themselves to be one 'giant' family. Poril is the smartest Half-giant around so the strongest Half-giants and their friends suggested that he go to Council to talk to the little people. His fellow councilors understand the Half-giant bond with each other and therefore are interested in what Poril has to say regarding them. Poril mostly argues against Half-Giant registration and for a 'over 10 foot' section of town.

thanks for the info! still no Jaseela info, sadly

Sir, I am intrigued by your query.  I sympathize with the Jaseela situation.  However, I must aver that you will not discover any family name for Jaseela.  Simply put, Troy Denning never provides her name, nor does he provide the family names of the other key senators mentioned in chapter 5 of the Verdant Passage.  Surely, we know their first names:  Dyan, Beryl and Kiah, but they are almost certainly not meant to be family names.  They are their first names, and despite their apparent importance to the functioning of the Senate of Lords in the final days of Kalak, we are never given much more than a sentence worth of their family details.  You may scour to your heart's content The Crimson Legion and The Road to Urik, but you will never find Jaseela's family name.  Trust me.

For my own campaign, I have elected to make Beryl the house name, and our loveable Lord Beryl thus becomes the Tyrian praetor, Manturius Beryl IV (as Tyr is obviously meant to entertain a Roman flair; he may ascend to the consulship in Free Year -2).  It has not yet amused me to create a family name for the brave and noble Jaseela, a truly unsung hero of Free Tyr, but I invite you Waxwingslain to christen her with all the adornment you care to devote to her hallowed name.  Or we can shoot an email over to old Denning, if he might condescend to address his ever so loyal fans of Dark Sun (22 years and running!) when he is not ever so lost with space halfling-Star Wars...

A pleasant query Waxwingslain.  I hope you name her well.

Semper Anticus, and happy Dark Sunning.
I'm so glad I found this thread. I too had encountered this little mystery having just read the Prism Pentad for setting inspiration/details. As I have ordered Free Tyr, it very much resembles revolutionary Russia, with the Crimson Legion recast as a Bolshevik-esque faction, which is primarily contending with the Blackguard (similar to the Makhnovist Blackguard of the Ukraine). Anyway, within the blackguard are the black army, pauper farms, people's courts, artisan collectives, and free schools, the last of which I wanted to be administered by Jaseela... unfortunately, I could not find her house name. 

Given the situation, I may just have her renounce her House name/title a la Kropotkin... but it would be nice to know who she used to be.  
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