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Alright, so my friend and I were trying to brainstorm how best to play DC among a few friends, keeping things fresh and everything. We currently have one of each DC set and have been playing 1v1 using different combinations of 2 sets (I take two boxes, you take two, play 12 creatures and 30 orders from your boxes).

So we were trying to figure out how to get a few more people in, and we came up with the idea that if we had TWO of every set that would be enough to play a four player draft.  Start by passing around all the creature cards, taking one each round, until everyone has twelve, then passing around the orders, taking two each round, then the commanders, then the terrain tiles.

Does this sound like it would work?

Have you arranged anything similar among your friends or at your local game store? What have you found works best?

My gaming group has done a 4 player draft, and we'll do one again when our current 'season' ends.  For our initial draft we had 2 each of cormyr, drow, and goblins.  This was our rules:

1) random draw for draft order; after the last person picks, the order reverses, so the last person becomes the first person for the next round, and so on.

2) each pick can consist of one of the following:  a) a leader card; b) a creature card; or c) either 1 or 2 order cards (1 if there are two total of that card, eg fireball, or 2 if there are 4 total of a card, eg piercing strike)

3) players pick until all 6 boxes are empty; they may then create any legal warband they like from their stock for each game of the season.

4) After each game, the winning player receives 5 points + 1 point per remaining morale; the losing player receives the right to 'steal' 1 'pick' (see rule 2) from the winning player, but cannot take something that will result in the winning player no longer having a legal warband (for example you can't steal his last leader card).

5) Each player should play 10 total games; the high score at the end of the season is the winner.  Aside from all the glory that winning implies, the main prize is that the winner does not have to contribute money to the next season's addition of Dungeon Command boxes.  For our next season, we are planning to add 4 more boxes;  2 each of Undeath and Orcs, so the three losing players will have to come up with the cash for those.  On the other hand, the winning player will have the last draft pick for the next season's draft.

So far we haven't started this yet because a few of our players are on vacation abroad but that's basically the rules.  What do you think? 
1. One important aspect of drafting is that your selections remain secret from your opponents and they can not therefore try to build specifically to counter you. If this was not important, we would simply take turns picking in pain slight from the boxes but we believe this secrecy is important. Since you allow players to pick from three different stacks, is this level of secrecy maintained? My suggestion to go creature -> order -> leader -> terrain was based on this principle. Obviously you will see which creatures are missing at first but you do not know who took which creature. And the same with order cards etc.

2. I like your idea to have the last player take their second pick first, and reversing the order each turn like that seems very fair (reminds me of catan)

3. I am not sure how I feel about picking two order cards OR one based on which cards are doubled in the pack. This would give some information to the players about which cards you are taking and I feel like many of the cards that are doubled are some of the best in the game (quick jab, quick shot, piercing strike)

4. Picking until the boxes are empty makes sense if you are stealing things back and forth and having a long "season" of play with these warbands but I'm not sure we're looking for a long season but maybe something that will take a solid Saturday to play out and determine a winner. In our format, I think we'll do a round robin and then the top two after the round robin play a final game and the bottom two play a final game for a total of four games. 

5. Since it's only four games we won't mess around with the warband composition, therefore we would only need to draft 12 creatures, 30 orders, 1 leader, and 4 terrain each.

6. Morale is only one resource, and I'm not sure if it makes sense to give bonus points for having extra morale. You could just as easily give bonus points for each creature you have remaining, each order card in your hand, etc. I would rather promote playing to win than playing to maximize morale at the time the opponent is defeated. But I can see how you want to reward players who decimate their opponents while coming away relatively unscathed.

7. Prize system makes sense for you guys. I'm not sure if we'll have prizes. We'll probably just play more for the fun of it. I own the first four sets and I think I just need to convince someone else to pick up a second copy of each. 
We don't bother trying to keep stuff a secret at the time of picking, because you will be picking a lot more than you need to make a warband; although, depending on their memory, people will have a good idea of what you've picked, they have no idea what you'll actually be using in any given game against them.

But yes, this is ok for a season but it's obviously unnecessary to empty boxes for just a single day's games. 
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