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A pair of cards I made.


Dimir Watcher
Creature-Human Rogue
Protection from Planeswalkers
The unpredictable nature of Planeswalkers attracts unwanted attention. 

-The flavor being that the Dimir like to have absolute information, and they would be wary of Planeswalkers because they're less predictable because they can come and go when they choose.
-Blue because blue is allowed to have protection from weird things.
-Black because it's the most prominent anti-Planeswalker color.  

The Infinite Consortium
Legendary Land
: add to your mana pool.
 add one mana of any color to your mana pool. Spend this mana only to cast Planeswalker spells.
, , sacrifice The Infinite Consortium: Add or remove X loyalty counters to target Planeswalker.  

-The Infinite Consortium was an interplanar organization of merchants and spies head by Tezzeret, featured prominently in the novel Agents of Artifice

And a story I wrote along side them.
Like it!
Oh, I should add some explanations.
Very interesting cards!
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You are Red/Blue!
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