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My friends and I are keeping the kitchen table from becoming too competitive by putting together decks with cards that are Return to Ravnica block only. Each deck can only have 1 mythic rare card.

I called Simic a long time ago. Basic idea is to win via Biomass Mutation, +1/+1 counters, and evasion.

I will see in a couple weeks how it actually works, but this is fun in theoryland!

4x Cloudfin Raptor
2x Crowned Ceratok
4x Zameck Guildmage
2x Nimbus Swimmer
4x Elusive Krasis
3x Gyre Sage
3x Fathom Mage
1x Sapphire Drake
1x Master Biomancer

4x Bioshift
4x Biomass Mutation
1x Rapid Hybridization

4x Forced Adaptation

1x Breeding Pool
4x Simic Guildgate
9x Forest
9x Island

First off, I would go with Master Biomancer instead of Zegana. Add 2 Crowned Ceratok and remove the nimbus swimmers and Drakewing Krasis's and add 2 Simic Manipulator and maybe splash black for 4 Corpsejack Menace he is insane with evolve and doubles counters with Bioshift and Simic Fluxmage
Don't forget an Increasing Savagery or two. Use that on Master Biomancer or Fathom Mage and you have insane +1/+1 giving/card draw.
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Thanks for the suggestions! They are all stellar. I modified the list and can't wait to play it when the set comes out. We are a relatively slow and casual bunch, so I'm anticipating a lot of late games.
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