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Howdy all,

I'm running a 4e campaign and the heroes, for which there are only two, are quickly moving through paragon tier. One player is a treasure hunting rogue and the other is a wizard/witch of the dark moon coven. I choose the Thief of Legend destiny for the rogue and Witch King destiny for the wizard/witch. I was wondering how to set up epic destiny quest, and if I should tell the players of their respective destinies, or if they should choose their own?
My plan was to introduce the concepts behind both destinies during the campaign in quest and other events. The rogue would occasionally be able to see things he can steal, that the NPCs and/or enemies hold dear or are important in someway to the campaign. And the witch would have to either destroy rival covens or unite them, eventually killing the current witch queen, but in truth I need some help with this one.

Thanks, DMgrrHero
Personally I think you should let the players pick their own Epic destinies as they may not want the ones you chose.  If they choose the ones you picked out that's fine, but it should really be their choice.
I'm going to have to agree that the players should be able to choose their own epic destinies, though if you want to include concepts or hooks involving them you can ask the players if they are leaning towards any specific epic destinies
Allow them to choose and work with them on how they enter their epic destinies.

If I have to ask the GM for it, then I don't want it.

I just talked to one of the players and he said he would like to choose his own destiny so that's what I'll do. Thanks for the advice.
I just talked to one of the players and he said he would like to ...

And then you said, "Yes."

Definitely a good policy. Now add onto his choice and help make it sing. Good luck!

For any decision or adjudication, ask yourself, "Is this going to be fun for everyone?" and "Is this going to lead to the creation of an exciting, memorable story?"

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