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So last night I played against a control deck that had tamiyo and upwards of 8 sweepers, both of the Jace's and sphinx's revelation. I was playing a fairly low powered populate deck. But playing against him, and losing terribly might I add, made me think. What besides hyperaggressive red decks can compete against that. Not only that but if not getting the ideal hands how then do you compete?

Some things I've thought of was the usual things, duress, apetite for brains, predator ooze, dreadbore, etc... 

My problem though always comes down to how do you beat 8+ sweepers. Especially with ones such as terminus readily available and sphinx's revelation to undue any damage you are able to get through? 

Just looking for ideas that are somewhat cost($) efficient. Anything coming in the next set that I didn't see or something? 
One strategy is to avoid creatures altogether and focus on one or more of red direct damage, blue counters, black life drain, or white indestructibility. But basically, I think you're looking for a way to beat a $200 deck with $20, which is going to at least be a significant challenge.

If they're sweeping the board of creatures, you could try a reanimator deck. You may also want to try focusing on hexproof creatures and buffs. 
Play monored/dirtyred. Stomp the life out of them before they can sweep.
Either play something that is Wrath-resistant, kills before or through wraths, or have a source of card advantage that isn't answered by wraths (the power of token decks is that each free creature is a essentially a free card occupying the field. But tokens die just the same as other creatures, so even if your tokens generated CA, you still lost just as much CA getting Wrathed.)
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I knew going into the matchup I was going to be screwed as my deck was just an SnG type deck vs a more serious deck. But I'm sitting here now trying to think of ways to combat control as that seems to be a large portion of my meta. 

Sounds like you are all agreeing with me here though. These hyper aggressive decks (usually red) are the only real way to beat control. As everything that's been suggested just loses to terminus or some other board sweeper.

Either that or play control yourself. Which if I wanted to play a game of solitaire I'd play the original game.

Sad thing is. A lot of these problems won't be solved by frontline medic as that card is too slow and vulnerable to sorcery based removal. Obzedat might be interesting but I see that as being a double edged sword. 

 So far my solutions are getting stalled by two things. Everything that can get around board sweepers can be dispelled, or everything that can get around counterspells can be board wiped.

In the end my strat's going to be hyper R/B using slaughter games for sweepers.... anythoughts? 
These hyper aggressive decks (usually red) are the only real way to beat control. As everything that's been suggested just loses to terminus or some other board sweeper.

Recommended answer given your level of commitment and understanding of the game, and only answer are two different things. Control decks are not "the bad guys", they keep formats blown open and capable of housing many different styles of play. But in order to understand them, and perhaps understand the game better, you should just play one, because it's about as close to solitaire as Red Bull is to muscle relaxer.

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I play 5 Color Control with 4 Supreme Verdicts. What makes my sweeps dead are eseentialy 3 cards. Thalia, Gaurdian of Thraben because most decks she's in will kill me by the time I can cast a 5 cost sweep. The other is anything with Undying. Oh my god I hate Geralf's Messenger and Strangleroot Geist. Like if I see any of those 3 cards, I just want to scoop. Terminus on the other hand, can only be dealt with by playing your own counters or Thragtusk. A lot of it comes down to learning not to over extend. Unless you're going balls out aggro, it's okay to establish a clock. Like say you have Lingering Souls. Cast it once and keep beating in with those 2 fliers. You'll get a good amount of damage in before they give up waiting and have to deal with it; and once they do, cast the back half and continue on.

tl;dr - Creatures with Undying and not over extending to deal with wipes. Waiting for the right opportunity for counterspells.

EDIT: You deal with Terminus by not over extending and realizing they have to miracle it for it's best potential
Golgari Charm also acts essentially as a counter to Supreme Verdict, allowing all your creatures to regenerate.
slaughter games. That is all.
Next thing you will tell me Browbeat is bad.
The OP mentioned and cards he was thinking of using to stop sweepers... I can't believe no one mentioned Golgari Charm. It stops Supreme Verdict in it's tracks, gets rid of annoying threats and helps against token builds (that is if they're 1/1 tokens with no buffs and such).

I know this does nothing to counteract terminus or revelation, but still, it something he can do at least.

EDIT:  @Stryk_Raishou:  Didn't notice you already mentioned the charm. 

How to autocard:

[c]Blaze[/c] = Blaze

you can also...


38 Relentless Rats

22 Swamp



problem is that the answers to terminus vs answers to verdict are very different.  verdict you can trump in aggro with undying, regeneration, indesctructibles, recursion, mana taxing, etc.  none of those help against terminus.  haste does work against both, but that puts you back in the hyperaggressive red that it sounded like you wanted to avoid.  for the most part, i think people look to be resilient against verdict and fast enough to finish before terminus is relevant barring a miracle.  and then hope for the best.
The best way to beat a :U:/:W: control deck is to use B to tear apart their hand.  MBC, although weak right now, was a response to :U:/:W:.  Even with MBC being it's weakest in years it still a very viable build against a great number of decks.  Now with Gatecrash on the horizon :U:/:B: is going to be GREAT against :U:/:W: control.

First you have to undestand why :U:/:W: decks work and how they work.  The major reason these decks work, and work well I might add, is card advantage.  This is accomplished by cards like Thought Scour, Think Twice, Divination, etc.

Taking away UW's ability to set up their hand and look for answers goes a LONG way into beating those decks.

If your local metagame has quite a few UW control decks here are some cards to consider:

Mind Rot
Zombies, particularly gravecrawler.
Vampire Nighthawk (With Runechanter's Pike)
Black Cat
Slaughter Games (Target Snapcaster Mage)
Liliana of the Veil

First, let's discuss Duress for a moment.  This card works great against most decks even mono-red beat face decks.  The reason being, especially if you are on the play, is you can eliminate threats before they even get to play a land!  They are depending on that turn 2 Essence Scatter or Negate and if you remove that ability you've just set him back a turn (assuming he doesn't immediately draw into one).  Another thing this card does, especially late game, is it allows you to keep tabs on your opponents hand.

Mind Rot is a great way to get control decks into a place they don't want to be--top decking-- and any player worth his salt is going to spend a counter on this card.  Which is fine, you want them spending their counters on your Mind Rot, not on your creatures.

Zombies, particularly gravecrawler is a pain in the but for most control decks to deal with.  Countering him is a waste unless they use dissipate but even then they are spending 3 mana where you are spending one and it allows you to set up with other creatures such as [c]Vampire Nighthawk.  Which can and will win you the game.

Speaking of VN.  It makes me cringe when I see black decks without this guy.  For 1:B::B: you are getting:

1. A flyer
2. Deathtouch
3. Lifelink
4. A beat stick with a pretty robust backend for his CMC.

Creatures that are uncommon don't get much better than VN, hell, he's better than a lot of Rares.  Even if you don't run abunch of spells Runchanter's Pike is awesome on this guy.  First Strike and Deathtouch makes for a lot of combat tricks especially with Tragic Slip.

Black Cat is a constant annoyance for :U:/:W:.  They don't want to kill him in most cases and if you can figure out a way to make him bigger it's even more of an annoyance.  There is absolutely no reason to skip combat phases with this guy.

Slaughter Games, though not mono-black, is fairly useful.  While you may not "know" a deck perse there are certain cards you can almost bet your life on their are running just by knowing their mana base.  What are the odds, a blue deck, is running snapcaster mage?  A green deck running thragtusk?  Or Rancor?

Cremate is great, especially against :U:/:W:.  It allows you to exile shenanigans like flashback or FORCES them to use it when they don't want to(like the beginning of their upkeep!).  You also draw a card off it all for .  You really can't beat that deal!

Liliana of the Veil is all-round a great card, but against :U:/:W: she's even better.  Especially if you are on the play.  She's a turn 3 discard mechanic and she can and will control the board very effectively. 

Sign in Blood is the engine which keeps this all going.  Use it on yourself and it's all gravy.

-NW "Behold blessed perfection!" --Sheoldred, Whispering One
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