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I mainly use this deck at my nearby store, Mill Geek Comics, and so far, its decent for casual play, but I'm trying to make it better.

 This is my first competive deck on any level.  The main idea of this deck is to put them on the defensive right off the bat using rancors, Dreg Manglers, and Strangleroot. The Nighthawks are there to deal with any sort of major flying threat, or can be come a big and major hitter by scavenging and such onto them. As for my mana base, I think 22 land with the assorted dual's is good, but if people have better suggestions, I would be happy to hear them. I don't know much else to say about this, so unless you tell me what you want to know, I probably won't know what you mean.

DECK LIST AS OF 2/1/2013

-- Creatures --

-- Other Spells --
[deck]2 Abrupt Decay
2 Sheltering Word
2 Increasing Savagery
3 Rancor
2 Victim of Night[/deck]

-- Land --
[deck]7 Forest
4 Overgrown Tomb
7 Swamp
4 Woodland Cemetery[/deck]

--Sideboard --
[deck]2 Fungal Sprouting
2 Deadly Allure
2 Fog
2 Treasured Find
2 Golgari Charm
2 Jarad's Orders
1 Silklash Spider
2 Tragic Slip[/deck]

Any suggestions would be welcome! 

To image link, just type [ deck] before the list and [ /deck] after, without the space inside the brackets.

There are a couple of first-page threads regarding Golgari builds you may want to check out. Will update this with more comments after you link!
Thanks Fire! 
I've added the card images now. 
I don't see why you'd use Daggerdrome Imp when you have access to Vampire Nighthawk. One more mana gives you so much.

Stab Wound isnt very good. I'd take it out and maybe use Tragic Slip or Ultimate Price

I dont like Grim Backwoods. 4 mana to sac a creature and draw... bleh. I'd consider mainboarding Triumph of Ferocity before that.

Your cards are a little unfocused. You have a lot of 1-ofs, which often isn't a very good policy. You should stick to one strategy. If you want to focus on Corpsejack Menace multiplying +1/+1 counters and swinging with flyers or trample, you should also consider Lotleth Troll and definitely add a fourth Rancor.

I have a deck that's a bit similar to what you seem to be going for, but it doesn't focus as much on +1/+1 counters and scavenging so much as hitting fast. It hits fast in the early game and can pump up with Troll and Corpsejack, using scavenge as a bonus rather than a game plan. Here's my list:

I run Murder since I have a local problem with multicolored threats that Ultimate Price can't deal with, and I run a lot of enchantment removal in sideboard also due to that.
Thanks! The reason that I run a lot of 1-ofs is that until recently, the only way I got cards was from boosters.

I will deffinatly get 3 more Vampire Nighthawk instead of the imp. I don't know why I didn't think of that before.

I like using the stab wound, because where I play, people play a lot of multi colored creatures, and I like hitting them with the wound so I can drain them for life, or crush the creature in the next attack.

Though now that I think about it, I'll deffinatly sideboard Tragic Slip instead of the 3 one-ofs that I've got there.

What would you think of trading out the 2 back woods for 2 cremates?
22 Land isn't going to cut it when you want to cast 4 drops and Scavenge for 5 and 6 mana reliably. Similarly, Vampire Nighthawk doesn't do much for you in every matchup, so it's definitely fit for the sideboard.

Abrupt Decay is a bit narrow, considering that even the most sligh of decks in the format are running 4 drop topends. It's a great 1 or 2 of catchall to Detention Sphere  or Runechanter's Pike, but 3 and 4 are too much.

Dead Weight and Ultimate Price are recommended over Murder. I also wouldn't recommend going all out with Lotleth Troll- because it requires too much commitment outside of it's own deck.

Predator Ooze and Ulvenwald Tracker are great options in a deck like this.
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Thanks Wynzerman! I will diffeninatly look into getting some Predator Ooze's. I don't know why I didn't think of that before. I've also been contemplating removing the last 2 Daggerdrome Imp's for either 2 Arbor Elf or 2 Vampire Nighthawk.
Nighthawk is awesome in G/B, but you'll have to choose which to prioritize, him or the ooze. Since Ooze is and Nighthawk is . I play them both in my deck, but I only run 1 swamp and 3 Evolving Wilds with 4x ooze and 2x nighthawk.
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With this deck, I should prioritize the Predator Ooze as I have counter support in this deck. I'll side board the Vampire Nighthawk instead of the two singles on my board. 
Creeping Renaissance and Wreath of Geists are both very swingy with Lotleth TrollFlyers or Tramplers of any description, and in a deck such as Golgari.

I'd go for Grisly Salvage as a tutor over Treasured Find, as it powers the deck, speeds up creature acquisition, and charges Wreath of Geists and Scavange boosts.

You might want to try an Evolving Wilds or two over the Guildgates. I know they provide two colours, but the fetch lands thin the deck, allow you to still adjust to the right colour for :B::B:/:G::G, and don't slow you down further (since the end result is still a tapped land).

I think Golgari Charm is an outstanding sideboard card here, too - against tokens, and the new Gatecrash enchantments, and for graveyard shenanigans. 

Dawntreader Elk is also a solid way to increase Wreath of Geists, alongside speeding up your deck considerably.

Hope this helps!

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I'm actually trying to stay away from the graveyard part of golgari a bit. I'm trying to make something that goes fast, keeping them on the defensive, and just keeps adding to the beat down. I know golgari is generally played almost soley from the graveyard, but I wanted to try something else because with the group I play with, there is a lot of graveyard hate due to flash back overuse.
Deck Updated
Happy to help, bud. Here are my thoughts on the new deck list:

Deadbridge Goliath: Unless you're going for a scavenge build, which you've said you aren't, I would consider replacing this with something more powerful. It's at the top of your mana curve, but as essentially a plain 5/5, it's not a very impressive beast. For that much mana, there are better B/G options out there.

Sewer Shambler: For the same mana, you could have 2 more Nighthawks, which are a much more powerful creature all around. I would remove these and replace with the Hawks.

Fungal Sprouting: I love the artwork on this card!, but unfortunately, I don't think it fits in your deck. If you're going for counters, Hydras, and Corpsejacks, you're better off protecting your "investment" with cards like Ranger's Guile or Sheltering Word. Your Hydras are really the only high-powered creature here that would make Sprouting worthwhile, and with only 2 in the deck and no protection for them, you won't see much use from this card.

Stab Wound: Generally not a very popular card due to its high casting cost. I think you would be better off with something like Ultimate Price or Tragic Slip. Since you don't ahve other creature removal to synergize with Slip, I would lean towards Price. Another option would be Duress, which is probably the best one black mana a deck could spend.

Grim Backwoods: Too expensive to be worthwhile in my limited experience.I'd replace these with 2 Swamps.

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Thanks Firebrand! I added followed what you suggested, and now It feels a lot faster, and less encumbered by the cards like Goliath or Shambler! I'm deffinatly keeping these changes for now. I guess tomorrow I get to see how I've changed the deck the past 2 weeks has turned out! Thanks everybody who's been helping me. Hopefully, this deck will eventually reach tournament quality.
Ok. Last friday, I went up against 3 different Decks. An Azorius control, Which I beat 5-2, a Werewolf deck, 2-1, another golgari 1-1, and a fringe Izzet/token/flash back deck that hits you with a burn at the stake for over 50 damage on turn 5, the score for that one was 1-1. The next step for this deck is building a good side board. I have no idea what I need to do to make it better, so I'm counting on some good advice!Laughing
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