Weird Throwing Weapon Quirk

I was looking over the equipment pdf today, when I noticed that in the thrown weapon description, it says that "When making a ranged attack with a thrown weapon, you use your Strength modifier for the attack rather than your Dexterity modifier."

While this may make sense for weapons like the handaxe and the spear, I've always imagined dexterity is more important when making attacks with a thrown dagger or bola.

I think that, like finesse weapons, ranged attacks with thrown weapons should be made with the PC's choice of the dexterity or strength modifier. 

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What you say makes sense. You should get your choice for thrown weapons as if I have high strength I'll be throwing it hard enough to hurt, and high dex I'd throw it where it hurts.

Specially made composite longbows and shortbows in 3.5e actually let you use your Strength, but normally were Dex. I like this idea too.  
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Write out a feat that allows you to add your Dex Modifier to the attack roll. Something like this:

Throwing Nimbility
You can apply your dexterious training while throwing a weapon.
Prerequisite: Dexterity 12 or higher
Benefit: When you use a thrown weapon you may apply your Dexterity bonus to the attack roll.
After all, the whole point of the playtest is to find things just like this that need to be added so that the creators can add it into the next edition ;)
No feat needed, I think. While the throwing weapon description does state it uses Strength, the finesse description gives you a choice of Strength or Dexterity "when you attack." It doesn't only apply to melee attacks.

Daggers have finesse, so thrown daggers can use Dexterity.

I agree that bolas and shuriken ought to have the finesse property. Maybe sling too.
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