Looking for help on my casual Red Black Vampire Deck

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This is my Red Black Vampire deck. It's beaten a couple, of my opponents, and now I am looking at how to upgrade. It's current theme is Lifelink and also to a smaller degree First Strike.

Main Deck
11x Swamp
10x Mountain
4x Vampire Nighthawk
4x Markov Patrician
4x Duskmantle Prowler
2x Stromkirk Captain
1x Vampire Nocturnus
1x Bloodline Keeper
4x Sign in Blood
4x Duress
3x Pillar of Flame
2x Disentomb
1x Vandalblast
1x Bump in the Night
3x Searing Spear
3x Dark Ritual
2x Vampiric Fury
2x Tragic Slip

4x Vampire Interloper
3x Heirs of Stromkirk
2x Crossway Vampire
1x Falkenrath Noble
1x Rakish Heir
2x Clinging Darkness
2x Tremor

P.S. Sorry I couldnt work out a way to embed the links for each of the cards, can anybody tell me an easy way to do it?
Use (c)(/c) for the cards. Replace the Parenthasis with brackets [ and ]
K cheers any ideas for improving the deck?
1st- There's a ton of Vampire threads in this forum if you go back through the first few pages and check them out. They can probably help you out quite a bit.

2nd- I'd say focus the deck more, but it looks like maybe you already have tried to, but are lacking the cards to get things in shape. BR Vamps work best when it's just vampires, ways to make them bigger, and ways to clear thier path. In other words, keep it simple. Get rid of the majority of the red cards. Too many good black vamps, and when combined with Dark Ritual and Vampire Nocturnus, you're better off staying as black as possible. The only red cards I run in my deck are Terminate, Dreadbore, and Stromkirk Captain. Removal is better than burn for vampire aggro. 

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