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Are there plans to release the Expert, Companion, and Master Sets? I see and downloaded the Basic, Red Box already.

Also I will add my two cents for A digital Rulescycledia release. 
dndclassics.com will have more PDFs as time goes on and i am faily sure these products will eventually make it.
Never, ever, forget the Immortal set.
I know some of the setting specific material may never get released because of rights issues. However I see a most likely decided fact that the core rule books are not on that site. They have all those files already. There is really no reason to not sell them digitally. Im not buying any new release books as physical copies, regardless. Im not buying old material for premium pricing.

Let me rephrase something,  I will buy a physical copy of a book after Im done reading the digital copy if it makes it easier to play at the table. So effectively you sell both the physical copy and digital copy. Pathfinder proves this. Everyone I know that plays it owns both types of copies. One to read on thier computer or tablet and the physical copy for the table.

Never, ever, forget the Immortal set.

+1 to this!  I remember back in the late 80's I ran a campaign using this set. It lasted a few months of biweekly play. It wasn't the greatest system in the world, but it worked enough that it was playable, although it required a very creative DM to come up with scenarios that felt immortal.

My group eventually gave it up because they wanted to go back to the gritty world of low level play, but the immortal set has a special place in my D&D heart because it was my first exposure to epic tier play.
I never had the Immortal box. I remember seeing it though.
I never had the Immortal box. I remember seeing it though.

It's quite something to behold. It basically reboots a campaign that started in the red box and finished in the Masters set. You recreate your character as a god and the rules are very, very different. Hats off to Mr. Mentzer, he did his best to create a playable (albeit kinda wierd) version of D&D that tried to give the feel of what it would be like to be immortal. Most modern fantasy RPG's just give more of what you got at low level just with higher numbers. This was a totally different take on high level play.

If you can get a PDF of the Immortal Box set, it's worth checking out just to see a different approach to high level play. I don't see myself playing it again, but it's cool to read. 
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