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So yeah, we got a deck manipulation card and a pseudo-manaleak; I'm making delver. Here it goes



As a thought that could be considered...: Cloudfin Raptor is also a flyer like Delver turns in to and it looks like Evolve would work hand in hand with Pack Rat. Cloudfin also evolves on turn 2 no matter which creature you play, and your 2/1's will surely evolve him twice. Although, I suppose Cloudy works better in decks comprised mostly of creatures rather than spells.

Aside from that, you'll probably be discarding a lot with Pack Rat in play, and you only have a few cards that give you more cards in hand and/or don't mind being discarded. Maybe I'm missing something.
Im not sure about pack rat here. I think id juts rather see Vampire Nighthawk, Deathrite Shaman, or maybe even Dreg Mangler.
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I like rat's synergies with pike and snapcaster. I think I need to up the land count, though.


I feel like Rat is too slow, and the deck, as a whole, is a little non-interactive. Non-interactive decks  need to be able to trump, and this deck doesn't have that trump factor. I wouldn't necessarily say this is a good look at tempo either, because Rat really isn't a tempo card.

I dislike Dimir Charm more every time I look at it. It really needed to cantrip to be good. 

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The :G: splash is pretty bad and you don't have enough in the way of CA building to pitch lands to the Rat if you aren't already winning (since Snap+Thoughtscour instead of Snap+Removal is usually a sign of being on the upswing, or being desperate)

Disciple of Bolas and Pack Rat are also bad on 21 land, since a 4 drop and PR require some pretty smooth land drops.

If you're going to run Pike + Scour, then always play 4 Scours and 1 or 2 Pikes- It's the carrying strategy when Geist isn't present. If you'd rather not Scour+Pike, then remove the whole setup and use other cantrips, which will still interact favorably with the Delver, and give you room for a different kind of tempo strategy.
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