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Just started playing around October and probably 90% of my cards are RTR. Usually play just at home with a buddy who started the same time as me and we pool cards but were looking to start playing at our FLGS. This is the deck I play most of the time. Looking to add a few [c]Lotleth Trolls[/c]s but trying to avoid buying most of a deck. Looking for any tips/changes. And what would be good in a sideboard. 

3x Overgrown Tomb
4x Golgari Guildgate 
8x Swamp
10x Forest

3x Deathrite Shaman
3x Slitherhead
3x Korozda Guildmage
2x Dreg Mangler
3x Deadbridge Goliath
2x Corpsejack Menace
2x Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord

4x Grisly Salvage
4x Abrupt Decay
3x Treasured Find
2x Murder
2x Jarad's Orders

2x Vraska the Unseen
     Garruk Relentless 

Any tips are welcome.
For a new player you have some nice cards
I would add a fourth Slitherhead drop one Korozda Guildmage and one Deadbridge Goliath. That gives you room for two Lotleth Trolls, or two more Dreg Manglers. You could probably drop the Jarad's Orders. Golgari Charm gives you three different options for two mana, which can be helpful. My husband personally runs Trestle Troll just for the regen and ability to block pesky fliers. Other than that, I like the deck you have thus far. You will probably stumble across some nice green and black cards in gatecrash
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There are two threads in the Standard Deck Help forum that may help you.



Your deck probably has more in common with mine, so you may want to start at the second link.
I have played golgari alot online and have found a few things out, Golgari is aggressive and needs to be played as such.

Lotleth Troll is the engine that runs this type of deck and Grisly Salvage is a poor substitute for the troll, even if you are digging into your deck, you are better off playing Sign in Blood 

4 Dreg Mangler is essential in the deck after a turn 2 troll that has gotten 2 +1/+1 counters on it from tossing a Slitherhead  to it, which is why i run 4 of these guys, that is 7 damage on turn 3 on a god draw and consistency is what you look for in any deck   

I run 3 Mutilate as my board reset and a few more swamps to power it up.

Deathrite Shaman would be in the sideboard for me, he is too slow and is runs counter to this type of deck, but if your meta has alot of graveyard shenanigans, then by all means run him. I'd play Rancor in his place it gives your creatures not named Lotleth Troll trample and a boost.  

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