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I feel that WOTC should sell packs of tokens.  Say 10 to 15 of a single token type per pack.
Sometimes acquiring enough tokens to meet the board state can be difficult.  IMHO tokens are just an accessory, not a collectable.  I have a deck that features Godsire, and I only own one token.  I use d8s, but that just makes my OCD tick.  I also feel that $3 a pop on ebay is just silly.

This way WOTC could make money on bulk sales in the primary market.  Right now bulk tokens are sold only in the secondary market, where WOTC makes $0, for far more than they're worth.

I'd buy a pack of 10 to 15 tokens for @ $1.50 or so and not feel ripped off.  Prices in the secondary market for tokens seem a little high, IMHO.
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I just use internets images taped to playing cards, with the stats written in black marker.
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You could always download Magic Set Editor. I use it for proxies (becuase you if you think I'm yanking my only Tundra out of my Sliver deck for EDH). Just design, print onto sticker paper (availble at office supply stores), trim, slap on an extra common. BAM!

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The above mentioned suggestions are really telling me to just keep using dice.  Printing, cutting, sticking/taping is just wasting time that I could be doing useful things(like creating dumb threads which reveal just how lazy I am).

@ Escef, only one Tundra?!?!?!  I would have figured an old schooler like yourself would have a
              would own a full play-set of Duals.  At least sticker paper caters to my slothful side. 
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I just carry one of each token I am using(sometimes 2, to represent tapped and untapped ones) and just put a die on the token card, showing how many actual tokens are present.

It does get a little confusing when a token gets a +1/+1 counter or something.

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