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So I played this deck at FNM, been thinking of things trying new things out cannot for the life of me figure out a way to get rid of the weakness to a miracled Bonfire of the Damned without completely changing the deck.

x4 Rancor
x4 Avacyn's Pilgrim
x4 Strangleroot Geist
x4 Restoration Angel
x2 Revenge of the Hunted
x4 Arbor Elf
x4 Selesnya Charm
x2 Wolfir Silverheart
x4 Loxodon Smiter
x4 Silverblade Paladin
x4 Dryad Militant

And lands
x4 Sunpetal Grove
x4 Temple Garden
x2 Gavony Township
x2 Grove of the Guardian
x4 Plains
x4 Forest

I have the grove for JUST IN CASE they can drag it out, I have a big creature in the wait. Most of the time, I can 2/0 someone but Bonfire just recks me half the time. Any way to get around it while keeping the deck this aspect?
Easy answer seems to be run rootborn defences in the board. Stops bonfire and supreme verdict from hosing you.

I thought of that, but I don't know what to take out to put it in.
Well, what else is in your sideboard? If those two cards are causing you a lot of problems, then it's got to be better than something else you already have there.
I've redone my sideboard a bit x1 Sublime Archangel
Trying to get 1 more before I mainboard her, I hate odd numbers.
x4 Oblivion Ring
x4 Wolfir Avenger
x2 Predator Ooze
x2 Angelic Overseer
x2 Terminus
Your sideboard needs some work, as it just looks like a list of cards you wanted in your main deck but didn't have room.

Sideboard should contain cards that answer specific problems your main deck can't handle.... like bonefire or terminus.

What cards do you just lose to? Those are the ones you want to have answers for. 
I've only lost to Bonfire really. Anyone else not running an agro deck usually get to beat down by turn 4 to do anything or lose on turn 3. I do want to use some of my sideboard in my mainboard but a little unsure, since silverblade and pilgrim are essential in the deck, I wanted to run Angelic Overseer but Silverheart is better. Only time I do run her is if I need to use indestrucables. Which would be when they run supreme verdict, but I haven't had the best chance to try it out yet.
Well, with the overseer all they have to do is wrath you, then kill her. Rootborn just stuffs their verdict entirely, and it's easy to cast.
But again, most the time, they are beaten down by turn 3, if they verdict they dont have the mana to play anything but that. Maybe thats my option for bonfire as well?
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