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So last night I was drafting online (after a failed INN-DKA draft but I opened Olivia Voldaron so couldn't complain as it more than covered the cost of the whole draft).  I first picked a voidwielder but it quickly became clear that Rakdos was the way to go and I like splashing blue in Rakdos.  The only problem was that there were no 3 drop creatures in any pack (obviously someone else was taking them) or where there were, they were up against something else I couldn't ignore.  This got me thinking.  In an aggro deck like Rakdos, would you rather have 8 2-drop creatures and no 3-drop creatures or vice versa (I know the best answer is that you would have a mix but assume that wasn't possible).

For anyone interested I went 2-1 and lost to the eventual winner's populate deck.  The decklist was

Land (17)
Blood Crypt
Rakdos Guildgate
2xIzzet Guildgate
3 Islands
6 Swamps
4 Mountains

Creatures (15)
Rakdos Cackler
2xGrim Roustabout
Thrill-Kill Assassin
Rakdos Shred-Freak  
2xGore-House Chainwalker
Nivix Guildmage
Rix Maadi Guildmage
Ogre Jailbreaker
Perilous Shadow = this was a mistake and I sided it out everytime usually for Electrickery 
Spawn of Rix Maadi
Isperia's Skywatch
Tenement Crasher

Spells (7)
Pursuit of Flight
Izzet Keyrune
Stab Wound
Annilhilating Fire
Launch Party 

For anyone interested I went 2-1 and lost to the eventual winner's populate deck.  The decklist was
Land (17)
Creatures (15)
Spells (7)

I count only 39 cards.

Regarding the 2-drop vs. 3d-rop battle, i believe it depends on your opponent.
If he's aggro, you want to race him and the 8 2-drops will do wonders.
If he's tempo, the race is not that important and having solid 3 drops like Hellhole Flailer,Dead Reveler,Splatter Thug is far more important than having 4 Rakdos Shred-Freak in hand that won't do much facing an Armory Guard, Hussar Patrol or Axebane Guardian.

Seeing how RTR is "in General" a slow set, I would personally go for the 8 3-drops.  
Dead Reveler and Splatter Thug are key Rakdos cards. I can see players winning without them, but against a populate deck that three power is pretty key. So I wouldn't say I care much about two/three drops, but I do care about specific ones. Lobber Crew is also a key card that's swell with Rix.

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

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