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My fun story of the night

I first-pick rix maadi guildmage out of a pack with good green/white/blue and weak black and no red other than the gm. I then get passed pack rat! And then stab wound, 2 splatter thugs, etc, and end up drafting a pretty nice rakdos deck. I'm guessing that first pack had something like foil sphinx's revelation?

Round 1 game 1 is a hand with 4 lands, street spasm, spawn of rix maadi, and explosive impact. Literally all my most expensive cards. So I mulligan into pack rat and win game 1 no problem.

I know, I know, everyone's rolling their eyes right now. Pack rat is a pretty sick card, makes me feel kinda bad winning with it. I just wanted to revel for a sec in my good fortune, maybe to remind myself that good luck does come with the bad. And for the record, I did win game 2 handily without the rat (its still a good deck without it).

here's the decklist:
drainpipe vermin
gore-house chainwalker
grim roustabout
pack rat
rakdos shred-freak
rix maadi guildmage
thrill-kill assassin
auger spree
stab wound x2
dead reveler
sewer shambler x2
splatter thug x2
traitorous instinct
perilous shadow
rakdos ragemutt
spawn of rix maadi
explosive impact
street spasm
swamp x9
mountain x8
Follow up

Well I thought my deck was pretty sweet but it did lose the next two matches
Match 2 was close, went to game 3 and I kept a 2 land hand with 2- and 3-cmc spells, on the draw, but got stuck on 2 lands while my opponent curved out with his populate, knightly valor, grove of the guardian deck. Once I got my 3rd land I double stab wounded his 2/5 guy (forget the name) and got him to 8 before I died... In all seriousness there was no way I was gonna win that game, so I thought it would be kinda fun to double-stab wound something. I was right, it was kinda fun.

  Match 3 was against azorius detain aura deck.
Game 1 was close but he got righteous authority on lyev skyknight to mess up the math. With traitorous instinct i could only get him to 1 life and then die on the backswing, so instead I cast street spasm on his azorius justiciar and swung in, hoping he wouldn't quite be able to kill me, but he dropped ethereal armor onto the knight, boosting it strong enough to finish me.
For game 2 I sided out the perilous shadow, drainpipe vermin, and street spasm (i didn't see any of the 1W detain guys in this one, while the guy in round 2 had had at least 3) for 2 of that card, discard 2 at random and lose 2 life, name escapes me, and a mind rot. I got an okay hand, not the fastest, swinging in with critters and killing his lyev skyknight with a stab wound before he could plop an enchant on it. He got sphere of safety, concordia pegasus and then suited it up with righteous authority but it was too late. I was land flooding but it actually worked in my favor because I had just enough mana to pay 2 for attacking with a 4/4 grim roustabout (scavenged with sewer shambler), which he couldn't block with his 2/4 pegasus and still stay in the game, and then finish him off with explosive impact in the same turn, which i had mana for since i had flooded.
Game 3 wasn't very close. I can't remember the early game very well but he ended up playing stealer of secrets to his empty board and i played spawn of rix maadi to mine. I figured he had ethereal armor, so I unleashed, and sure enough, he suited up and started getting crazy card advantage, but I was beating down on him somewhat on the back swing. He drew into more detain, including the justiciar, and played another ethereal armor and, you guessed it, righteous authority again. I drew swamps, yay!

Long story short, I got my butt kicked by auras!
I, too, have in fact lost after drafting a Pack Rat.  Statistics happen, sadly.

When you get a chance, mind posting the rest of your picks?

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Sounds like someone picked up a money rare, since Pack Rat is actually just unpassable.
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Sounds like someone picked up a money rare, since Pack Rat is actually just unpassable.

During my first RTR draft I got passed an Angel of Serenity second pick. The WTF-factor: there were also three uncommons AND a foil Loxodon Smiter in the pack.
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Would have assumed a foil Jace, but the other foil makes me wonder. They were probably trying to force a color, and had no idea how valuable the Angel was. Was it the second or third pack? They may have already committed and grabbed some removal.
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P1P2. I managed to sell AoS for 19 tix afterwords, about twice as much as it trades for nowadays.
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