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I want to structure a deck that BEST utilizes Precursor Golem. I am having the most difficulty in balancing the deck. I definately realize that the golem/golem's need protection. I think blue is the best color for that as well as making more golems in the form of tokens with cackling counterpart or rite of replication or followed footsteps. I also like the idea of extra upkeeps with paradox haze. This led me to the populate ability and growing ranks, which led me to the color of green and cards like wildsize and chorus of might for a kill shot targeted at the golems. This deck also would rely heavily on not only protecting the golems but making sure I get one in timely fashion. Fabricate is in color and could work to find the golem. As you can see there are a lot of things to consider and balance, thus most of the builds that I have come up with are inconsistant to say the least. So I come to the Forums for advice and criticism. I would like some opinions and maybe even some sample decklists that you guys would consider better options than what I have been able to muster up. This is the list I am currently running and like I said it is far too inconsistant.  Please help, and thanks in advance for your input.

Landbase is pretty straight forward

Populate seems pretty clunky to me.  You already had a good idea with Followed Footsteps and Paradox Haze.  You don't need Growing Ranks for that to be good.

There's so much you could do with Precursor Golem. You could also use Panoptic Mirror with Cackling counterpart.  You could sacrifice him to put him on a Mimic Vat which would not only  let you control when spells get copied onto all golems, but you get to keep the extra tokens.  You could target him with cantripping spells like Aphotic Wisps (for example) and draw cards for each golem you have AND get the effect.  you could hit him with a kicked Rite of Replication and get 5 precursors + 10 tokens + 5 more tokens for each other golem you have.  SO many possibilities.

note that all those ideas could be done in mono-blue.  If you need to speed it up, jsut run some Fog Bank and some counterspells or something and sandbag until you can get your golems online. 
Slap a Precursor in a Mimic Vat, than sac the Precursor (token) ASAP.  As long as 1 Precursor is around, all your Golems are at risk of being wiped out thanks to 1 stop removal spell.  You can have a bit of fun pre-sac if you want, but I'd just load up a deck with Blade Splicer and a few other Splicers and abuse the fact you can make 2 3/3 Golems a turn via Mimic Vat.

Maybe run Mirrorweave to use as a Wrath effect if they try to kill Precursor first (response to their removal spell, Golem triggers, and before it resolves you Mirrorweave selecting a Golem, Precursor's ability resolves and copies the spot removal so it kills every creature in play).
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