Lycanthropy and You!

SO, the DnD Next playtest packets includes how you get infected with Lycanthropy from werewolves, but doesn't include rules on how actually being a Lycanthrope actually works.

So I used some Pathfinder rules slightly modified

A person with Lycanthropy has -2 CHA and +2 WIS, and they get +2 STR and CON while in Hybrid or Wolf form.  I handled HP by just giving them a current/max HP increase of 2, which is removed when they turn back to their original form.

As for turning, it says on the night of the full moon or when "injured".

For this I ruled that "injured" is when a character would make a Con check to stabalize while dying, and instead of making that check, they must spend all of their hit dice and turn into the Hybrid Lycanthrope form (so if their allies can get them stabilized right away, then they won't turn.)

I also ruled that while in Wolf Form they get simply +10ft to speed, and the claw and bite attacks look like 2d6+2 and 1d8 base damage respectively. (because the werewolf in the rules does 2d6+4 and 1d8+2 with a STR modifier of +2)

ALSO it was kind of disappointing to me how the 5th level Cleric can immediately fix Lycanthropy, as it's a curse (even though Remove Curse isn't on EITHER classes spell list, it's listed as a 3rd level spell that Clerics should have access to, right?)

And if the Cleric does have access to that spell, it makes getting bitten not really scary at all, so I'm going to come up with some more complicated way to cure it, or make it managable (controllable while turned)

Does anyone else have experience with infecting players with Lycanthropy?

EDIT: Just to be clear, I'm not giving the player[s] any boons while in human form besides the +2 WIS -2 CHA (which balances itself out anyway) and I'll be controlling them when they turn, so this is not a benefit to those characters.
You are supposed to be able to memorize remove curse as a cleric. It may have been on purpose that you get remove curse that early so that DMs can use these types of monsters without too much inconvenience.

I don't see why the PCs should get that much stronger after being cursed. In my opinion, its more of an undesirable thing, mostly because people will attack you on sight. I think its powerful enough if you just give them resistance to non-silvered weapons, though I would also agree with an extra 5ft of speed and a upgraded die size for unarmed attacks.
Just one thing to add; whilst turned yiu are considered an npc or must do anything in your power to kill your forme allies.
Just one thing to add; whilst turned yiu are considered an npc or must do anything in your power to kill your forme allies.

Yeah I plan on controlling them when they turn, and they'll become hostile to anything nearby, regardless of alliance, so it's still very undesirable.  

My group is very much into the roleplaying side and are fine with their players getting inconvenienced and killed if it helps to tell a story.

I'm only giving them the resistances/natural attacks/movement speed while they are actually in the respective forms, so it's not a boon to them while they're still in human form.
I had similar thoughts about a character I wanted to run, and (although not tested, and I'm no good at theory-maths) my idea was just to use the werewolf profile from the bestiary when the character turned. I can see that won't work once the character starts gaining levels. I like the ideas mentioned so far, but losing control while turned goes against what I had in mind for the character. But hey, that's just me, and just this character.
You need something quite drastic to keep the bonuses balanced, If you plan to use this as a blessing rather than a curse.
You need something quite drastic to keep the bonuses balanced, If you plan to use this as a blessing rather than a curse.

Yeah I don't think lycanthropy is ever really supposed to be a blessing in DnD lore, and I'm working on figuring out how to handle it AS a curse.  

The one player who got infected is really interested in the dynamic of having his character turn and run off and maybe get locked up and stuff.  We're going to try to turn it into a plot point that they're trying to figure out how to cure it while not seeming like they've actually got a werewolf they're curing.  Plus the antagonists are trying to demonize the party so this is leverage for them.

It's  turned into a major plot point so I'm making the method for curing it far more complicated than the simple "remove curse" spell, and that's why I'm working on the stats for it and such.
 Oh terribly sorry SonidZero, my comment was for OrwellianHaggis

 I think what you are doing is AWESOME, and that you are going about it in the exact way that I would (and in fact has) done it. One of my more memorable characters was an afflicted werewolf (in 3e) that as above couldnt be cured by simple spells. I dont know if it is helpful at all for your plot idea, as this was in a planescape setting so take what you want or leave it alone, but this was the idea:
 I was trying to save someone from the werewolfs "food storage" when I got bitten/afflicted and thrown in a locked room with the person whom I was trying to save and I of course ate her (tragic backgrounds are always the best). The other players (I joined the group late) was on a quest to kill this werewolf and did so and then found me.  They took me with them out of pity and I tried to find a cure. These were the conditions for a cure:
Kill the werewolf that bit you and destroy its soul. Well seeing as it was planescape I now had to travel with the group to hell to find this werewolfs soul and destroy it. Being planescape the Alignment system was of course important, so what the GM did to handle changing was that my alignment changed to chaotic evil whenever I changed, and then let me control my character as bad and evil as I could against the other players. He allowed me Will saves to do nothing in a round if I was about to do something completely against my old alignment (like finnishing off a downed team mate) to symbolise a struggle for control.

What really worked for that character was that the DM trusted me to play the turned werewolf and the fact that I could turn against the others made sure we kept me in check. The other players tried to use Wolfsbane and a magic leash that shot silverpins in to my neck whenever I changed (doing loads of damage so I was easier to get down) and other things. I never found out if he was going to be cured or not as the game ended in a horrible TPK involving disentegrate and lava...
I like the idea of that Will save, and I was actually going with that me "controlling" the werewolf would be me telling the player what the motivations were at the time, while he would act it out.

My setting is kind of early industrial revolution London + fantasy elements, so things like monster hunters and sacrificial rituals/etc fit in.  So I think I'll do something vaguely similar to yours, like a ritual that moves the character to the ethereal plane and splits him between himself and the wolf, and the others can interact slightly (with the two being ethereal) but it will mostly be up to that character to handle it.

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