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This is my first time posting here, so let me know if I'm not writing something correctly, not posting in the right thread, etc. This is a casual deck that I've built with my wife, and while it works AMAZINGLY well some games, sometimes it just isn't taking off. Here's the decklist (no sideboard):

Creatures = 12
4x [C]Kiln Fiend[/C]
4x [C]Guttersnipe[/C]
4x [C]Flamekin Harbinger[/C]

Spells = 28
4x [C]Brute Force[/C]
4x [C]Assault Strobe[/C]
4x [C]Stun[/C]
4x [C]Lightning Bolt[/C]
4x [C]Wild Guess[/C]
2x [C]Arc Trail[/C]
2x [C]Fury Charm[/C]
2x [C]Downhill Charge[/C]
2x [C]Reckless Charge[/C]

Lands = 20
18x [C]Mountain[/C]
2x [C]Rogue's Passage[/C]

The idea is to pump [C]Kiln Fiend[/C] with as many cheap spells as early as possible, [C]Stun[/C] any opponent's creatures, and swing for some real heavy damage. I recently played this and swung for 20 damage on turn 3 by pumping Kiln Fiend with [C]Brute Force[/C] and [C]Assault Strobe[/C]. [C]Flamekin Harbinger[/C] is there to increase my chances of getting Kiln Fiend out, and [C]Guttersnipe[/C] speaks for itself when it comes to casting instants and sorceries (and he's done pretty well when I've pumped him as well). Lastly, [C]Wild Guess[/C] is there to cast a relatively cheap spell and get some extra cards. Since everything in this deck is pretty cheap, I often end up discarding excess lands and get two free cards.

Here are some other cards I've considered using in the deck:
[C]Nightbird's Clutches[/C] (to make more creatures unblockable)
[C]Kindled Fury[/C] (First Strike Comes in handy to prevent Kiln Fiend from dying)
[C]Outmaneuver[/C] (Supertrample could easily bypass any blockers)

Otherwise I'm looking at adding more [C]Fury Charm[/C] for give Kiln Fiend trample. I would appreciate any suggestions!
this is for modern not Extended (Super Standerd)
Winning games/contests
Sorry, if someone can move the thread to where it belongs, that would help me out. Also, I just checked the legality of all the cards, and both [C]Reckless Charge[/C] and [C]Downhill Charge[/C] are not legal in Modern, so I'm not really sure where this deck belongs. Like I said, it's really just for casual play.
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